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  1. The international company needs a professional realtor for sale, renting and letting. We need a specialist of the western level with an educated-qualified level in the international personnel arena.

    You will have to work remotely to choose from customers from more than 60 developed countries (from Asia to Europe). You should easily navigate the residential and commercial real estate market, have basic and practical skills in legal and analytical work.

    Mainly, knowledge of English (levels UpperIntermediate / Advanced / Proficiency) and several other languages.

    5 advantages of cooperation with us:

    1. You are always in demand. On the site there is an opportunity to create your own work page with the purpose of accounting and advertising of all your best projects. Having contact information ensures a quick connection with you.

    2. Your services are available to the whole world. Despite any economic or social situation in cities and countries, you will always have a spare option to find a project in other developed points of the earth.

    3. You earn "from the spot". No rush, spending money on transportation and business trips.

    4. Absence of superiors. You have a single director - it's you and your reliable assistant "time management." All projects you conduct yourself with periodic reporting to the customer.

    5. More time for rest. The penultimate two items save you a lot of time. You are free to travel, to get involved in different hobbies, to go in for sports.

    Your key obligations are:

     Search for a buyer or lessee. Acquaintance with the object.

     Collection of the required package of documents. Harmonization of the terms of the contract.

     Preparation of contracts in accordance with local laws.

     Act as an intermediary for interaction between state institutions.

     Registration of insurance for risks of loss or damage to property.

     Be responsible for the complete safety of all documents.

     Market research, search for proposals, monitoring demand.

    Important. Your professional responsibility of a real estate specialist must be insured, which means you have the right to incur material liability for international projects.

    Advantages of an online realtor:

    You should understand that this is a great opportunity for you to increase your revenues through first-class high-value projects in the western real estate market. International relations are a chance to find a permanent source of income.

    You plan your day and its priorities: more time for family and personal development.

    New business ideas. It is possible that you may be interested in a long-term project based on partnership agreements.

    The main thing. In time to provide reports to the customer, perform quality work.

    We need representatives in every city. We are looking only for the pros. More in detail: https://agent.biz/agent/en/