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Top Tips for Budding Entrepreneurs

Published by Make It Rain in the blog Make It Rain's blog. Views: 265

A client of ours just published a blog post giving top tips for young entrepreneurs according to 13 business leaders. I thought I'd share a few of the ideas with you below – you can find the full 13 in the Top Tips for Young Entrepreneurs blog post on the Best Western blog.

From Coco Chanel to Mark Zuckerberg, the plight of the budding young entrepreneur has been very much in the spotlight of late. And this is not a dream that we resign to the silver screen and the back of our minds. The sheer number of episodes of Dragon’s Den gives an inkling of the amount of Brits who are attempting to set out on that road to riches that is setting up your own business.

The entrepreneurial spirit is something that we celebrate here at Best Western, as, with each of our hotels being individually owned and managed, entrepreneurs and small business owners are at the heart of our business model. So, in a bid to hail a nation of young inventors, we’ve asked 13 successful business people for their top tip for up-and-coming entrepreneurs.

Rajeeb Dey, CEO/Founder of Enternships.com
“Network, network, network. Networking isn’t just about accumulating masses of business cards and LinkedIn contacts but about adding value to those around you. Whenever I meet someone I think about who I can introduce them to which could lead to mutual benefit. This not only helps the two people but also helps keep your network active.”

Steven Bradley of vanseodesign.com
“The best advice I would give new entrepreneurs is to not give up, to be persistent. Everyone experiences downtimes and the people who succeed are often the ones who don’t give up. A big part of success is simply sticking with something long enough.”

Guido J. van den Elshout of happyhotelier.com
“Whatever you do and hope to achieve, do not forget the bottom-line, ever!
Start your day asking yourself “What can I do today to better the bottom-line” and end every day with asking yourself: “What did I do today to better the bottom-line and what shall I do tomorrow to better the bottom-line”

Chris Kaday of chriskaday.co.uk
“Building a successful business is all about doing not thinking. In my experience most business owners, and particularly aspiring entrepreneurs, spend far too much time bogged down in pondering, theorising and intellectualising instead of just getting on with it. Business is all about momentum and there is no angst in action, so make a decision, implement and move on.”

Nisa Chitakasem and Simon North, founders of positionignition.com
“Research, research, research. It’s one thing to think that you have a great idea but it’s another to really know it. Make sure that what you have is a different, novel idea. Do your research and check if what you want to sell is actually going to be right for your market. Understand what people want, what else is going on in your area and try to know your market inside out before getting started.”
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