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Thought about using a Telephone Answering Service?

Published by call-answer.co.uk in the blog call-answer.co.uk's blog. Views: 338

Studies have shown that almost 75% of people who reach a voicemail will simply hang up and redial a competitor who actually answers their phone.

This is an interesting statistic and begs the question... why do so many UK businesses continue to rely on traditional voicemail systems to take care of their calls when they can't?

As a business owner it is almost impossible to answer the phone everytime it rings. Therefore, relying on the good old answering machine seems a cheap and easy solutions.... But is it????

If 75% of potential sales calls are hanging up and going elsewhere, surely the benefits of investing in a Telephone Answering Service far outweighs the lost opportunities of voicemail?

How do Telephone Answering Service work?

The answer is very simple indeed...

1. You set your service up with a cost effective supplier. Agree how you want your calls to be answered, what you want the caller to be told when your calls are taken and how you want to receive messages (email /SMS)

2. You are given a unique number to divert your business landline or mobile to when you are busy, engaged or on holiday.

3. The Telephone Answering Service will answer in your chosen greeting, provide the caller with any agreed message and take details passing any message onto you quickly.

Services can vary, but in may cases you can make things more sophisticated by having calls patched to you (like a virtual reception service) or more detailed information taken from the client (order taking etc).

4. The caller is left feeling they have had personal contact, no empty voicemail messge and you can get back to the client as soon as you are free.

Choosing the right Telephone Answering Serivce is key to success, prices vary from set monthly fees to a PayAsYouGo Serivce.

So, using a Telephone Answering Service really is very cost effective and simple. It provides smaller businesses with a strong brand identity, in many cases 24/7 answering services and the comfort or knowing that the business can operate effectively without voicemail.

Think how much is would cost to employ staff to take calls...... For just a few pounds a month a Telephone Answering Service will almost certainly prove to be the low cost, high value added alternative to create good customer relationship of the future.
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