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Hacked emails on the rise.

Published by kcooke1983 in the blog kcooke1983's blog. Views: 260

Have you ever had strange emails from your friends Hotmail or Gmail accounts? Have you ever logged into your emails and found delivery reports for emails you didn't send? It is likely that the email account has been compromised (hacked). This is an attempt by cyber criminals to fool users into going to their malicious sites. Users tend to trust emails that come from their friends so click through to the site the email recommends.

Research understands that the majority of users are unaware their account had been compromised until their friends or colleagues advised them.

If you receive emails like this, for your own safety, do not click the links they contain. Delete it immediately and tell the apparent sender that their email account may have been compromised.

To help combat this S25 Computers recommends that users change their passwords at least every 30 days. We also recommend using a complex password which contains at least 8 characters with at least 1 Upper case and 1 lower case character as well as 1 number and 1 symbol. This will make sure that your passwords are harder to guess.

Be vigilant online.


For further advice please don’t hesitate to contact S25 Computers at our Facebook Page or follow us on Twitter.
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