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International company needs HR manager for cooperation

Discussion in 'Graphic & Web Design' started by agent.biz, Jun 4, 2018.


International company needs HR manager for cooperation

Poll closed Jun 11, 2018.
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    agent.biz Applicant

    Apr 2, 2018
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    The international company needs an HR-manager of international class for recruiting employees and working with personnel. The vacancy of the online HR manager includes remote work "from the spot" to find the right candidates for the company in the desired country (from Asia to Europe).

    When selecting a qualified online specialist, the following advantages are taken into account: ability to recruit personnel; inspect employees; professional solution of personnel issues; experience in remote mode.

    5 items in work with agent.biz:

    1. Realization of their skills in large-scale, long-term and successful mini and mega-projects.

    2. Expansion of domestic horizons - work on the international labor market.

    3. Development of their analytical abilities, taking into account the difference of cultures and the peculiarities of the mentality of countries.

    4. Make a breakthrough in the career and achieve the best results, multiplying your experience in implementation to choose from over 60 countries.

    5. You choose a free schedule, time and place for work. All interaction with the customer takes place at the level of reporting, delivery of work results and setting the following tasks.

    What will you need:

    • Selection of potential candidates for the customer.

    • Publication of vacancies, active search for employees.

    • Telephone interview, appointment of interviews.

    • Use of international channels of attraction.

    • Direct communication with applicants, their preparation / recruitment.

    • Conducting interviews at the highest level.

    • Additional thorough analysis of the personnel market.

    Advantages of online vacancies HR

    You have the professional skills of a specialist and you want to multiply your earnings by searching for customers with a higher budget potential in order to implement any projects around the world. At the same time, you do not have the opportunity to travel and throw money away, only to discuss whether you and the customer are approaching each other.

    We offer you the services of a global freelance site with the ability to save your time and promote yourself as an international-class hr agent with the help of a registered business page on agent.biz.

    It is important that you are your own director, who receives the order and carries it out according to your priorities in the work. The customer is important that you provide the result and be in touch.

    We need representatives in every country or city. We are looking for only HR-pro. More in detail: https://agent.biz/agent/en/

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