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    From small companies to multinationals, everyone deems their customers as a backbone of the business. For the same reason, most of the business owners want to keep their customers happy. To make that happen, some companies contact call centre providers in India to render phenomenal customer service whereas some prefer to cater to customer’s needs on their own.

    Well, running an in-house call centre isn’t a bad idea at all. The aspect that matters most is whether you are playing your cards right or not. Sometimes, organisations that run an in-house call centre make some silly mistakes which cost them a big time. Therefore, it is vitally important to rectify all the trivial mistakes for the sake of better customer service.

    Are you an owner of an in-house call centre? Do you want to make customer service better in order to secure your association with your customers?

    Have a look at the following pointers that will surely help you:

    Be available

    Do you know why in-house call centres usually fail to deliver phenomenal customer service? “Limited availability.” Customers always get infuriated when they don’t get the desired resolutions in time.

    Companies that prefer to run an in-house call centre, usually hesitate when it comes to rendering customer service round-the-clock. This is so because they don’t want to compromise with the profit levels. Well, it is significant to remember that keeping customers happy without investing the required amount of money is almost next to impossible task.

    On the other hand, call centre providers in India always ensure high CSAT score owing to the 24/7 availability. That’s why multinationals always join hands with a reputed BPO firm so that customers always get the expected services at any time from anywhere.

    Listen to customers

    Usually, efforts of in-house call centre agents go in vain because they don’t listen to customers properly. Well, there are two ways that customers often take to convey their product or services related problems:

    · Firstly, when customers make direct contact with the agents via telephone, email, etc. to get the desired solutions. At that time, it is significant for the in-house call centre agents to listen to customer’s queries properly. This aspect will help in eradicating all the issues from the root, which, in turn, leads to enhanced CSAT score.

    · Secondly, when customers make indirect contact with the company via surveys, online reviews, etc. to tell about those aspects that are yet to be optimized. Therefore, it is paramount for the in-house call centre owners to never take customer feedback for granted. This is so because both positive and negative feedback play a crucial role in improving the quality of customer service.

    All in all, if you really want to offer stupendous services like call centre providers in India, instruct your in-house agents to listen to customers properly during the interaction.

    The customer is not always right

    In the business’s world, it is believed that the customer is always right. But it doesn’t mean that you let customers walk all over you. Sometimes customers make unreasonable demands and cross their limits while speaking with the agents. At this point in time, it is significant for the agents to stand their ground on the company’s policies so that wrong demands won’t get fulfilled. Of course, you may lose one or two customers. But you’ll earn the loyalty and trust of your team of in-house agents.

    Apart from that, customers won’t underestimate the company’s policies while making any demands. This aspect will surely help you in delivering reliable customer service consistently.

    Don’t forget etiquettes

    Sometimes customers ask some product or service related questions again and again during the interaction. This aspect often makes agents furious. Because of the same reason, agents start using rude tone while speaking with customers. This aspect always ruins the customer experience and leads to a high customer churn rate, which, in turn, results in low-profit levels.

    Therefore, it is imperative for the in-house agents to never forget their etiquettes while speaking with customers because manners somewhere play a crucial role in deciding the quality of customer service.

    All in all, it is paramount to enhance the customer experience to make support service better.
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    At Answering4u we have a variety of clients who we support all year round; however there are a certain few who need us more than ever at this time of year.
    Facilities Management, Central Heating and other 24×7 maintenance companies need our support dealing with tenants during the winter months to work through the peak in their calls for broken boilers; burst pipes and unreliable central heating.
    We are able to receive calls at any time of day or night, carry out first line fault diagnosis and then dispatch the relevant engineer according to type of fault and location of property; all of which can be logged on the clients system and reported in detail.
    The frequency of these kinds of maintenance issues inevitably increases as the temperature drops and it is essential that these companies think ahead and ensure they have professional cover in place. If you are considering how your business will cope with the demands of winter, please give us a call today to learn how we can help you.
    Meanwhile, our retail customers also rely on us heavily on the run up to Christmas to deal with the challenges caused by the surge in activity. With consumers taking a multi-channel approach to online shopping and research showing 39% of people did all of their Christmas shopping online in 2012 * online retailers need to have capable and experienced telephone support in place for their hard fought for customers, if not, there’s a good chance they’ll go somewhere else!
    If the weather is poor there can also be delays to deliveries and we can ensure that customers calling in can get a timely update as to when they can expect their goods in time for Santa!
    Another key factor is the impact of social media on consumer’s behaviour. It is essential that online retailers have a reliable customer service function in place to assist callers with online ordering, delivery queries and all other questions surrounding their order. Many of our customers have also seen increased levels of positive comments via the various feedback sites such as Feefo together with other positive experience articles in various media.
    If you are an e-commerce company thinking ahead about handling your calls over the Christmas period, call us today to discuss our order taking and customer service offering.
  3. In this ever-changing era, every company wants to get their hands on quick leads. For the same reason, lead generation companies get approached. Nowadays, B2B marketers face so many issues while generating leads because they are supposed to come up with the new marketing tactic after a very short period of time. But there are some methods that can help the businesses in improving the B2B strategies.

    So, if you are an owner of a lead generation company and want to beef up B2B tactics, you would deem the given points useful:

    Facebook live

    There are many lead generation companies uk that prefer ‘Facebook Live’ to improve their B2B tactics. Because Facebook users comment 10 times extra on Live video posts as compared to the regular ones. The main reason behind that is 80% people prefer live video over blog posts. So, keep your tone relaxed and conversational while going live. And following suggestions will help you to use ‘Facebook Live’ feature effectively so that you can attract more audience:
    • Be ready for FAQs regarding products or services.​
    • Make webinars energetic.​
    • Share tutorials.​
    • Interviews with industry influencers.​
    • Introduce your team members in a candid manner.​
    • Prepare case studies​

    Around 70% customers read product reviews before purchasing a product and that’s why most of the marketers put their focus on creating product reviews rather than preparing case studies. To beef up B2B strategies, it is very important to prepare case studies in such a way that tells every aspect of the product in a detailed manner to customers. Without a case study, there is a high possibility that customers may get influenced by negative reviews and this thing leads to a loss of business. Therefore, it would not be wrong to say that case studies hold equal importance as product reviews do.

    Referral program

    No one can deny the fact that referral programs have always been considered as one of the best tactics to generate quick & effective B2B leads. Because when happy customers share their positive reviews with others, it will automatically increase the business’s profitability for sure. There are many reputed lead generation companies uk that offer gift cards, cash incentives, heavy discounts to encourage customers to spread the word about products or services and this ensures a high productivity. All in all, a positive word-of-mouth is the best & quickest way to reach potential customers.

    Collect honest feedback

    There is no doubt that most of the lead generation companies uk try to come up with the best B2B strategies. But still, they fail to get the desired results due to some reasons. On the contrary, if you collect honest feedback from your current customers, you can easily rectify the issues that are interrupting your business progress. You can receive feedbacks via different mediums that include emails, in-person interactions, surveys, and much more. With the help of feedbacks, you can get an idea about your customer’s preferences as well as their aversions.

    Add video content on your website

    Adding a video content is one of the simplest ways to draw the attention of potential customers. Because 43% customers like to know about the products via videos. In addition to this, it is very important to demonstrate products or services in an effective manner so that customers can make a quick purchase decision. Even you can consider the mentioned tips while adding a video content to your company’s website.

    Explain your products or services properly.
    Add little bit funny content to maintain the viewer’s interest level.
    Tell what your company does and how it is better than others.

    Interact with online community

    To generate quick leads, it is very important to know where your customer’s discussions take place. Because if you know about the customer’s preferences, you can easily communicate with them and that will increase the chances of better business productivity. As far as the online community is concerned, customers usually prefer LinkedIn, Quora, and Facebook owing to a larger user base. So, all you need to do is involve in the conversation with customers and give reliable answers that help the latter to solve issues. ​
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    When we talk about the marketing world, business and customers come to our minds. Thus, the market is divided into two major sectors on the basis of consumer and supplier of the chain. When one business company provides services to another, it is a B2B marketing strategy. What we don’t know is that businesses can be customers too. So when the latter B is swapped with a C, customers become the end users and the process converts into B2C lead generation. Business-to-Business marketing companies extend their hands towards other organizations for different commercial transactions such as:

    1. Manufacturing products

    2. Operational purposes

    3. Resale of products

    4. Marketing solutions

    On the other hand, B2C companies are particularly dedicated to individual clients. They provide more direct and personal services to their customers such as:

    1. Software and electronics

    2. Bank and insurance

    3. Mobile and DTH

    4. Food, car, drugs and similar services

    Since there are too many similarities among the two, some of you may believe that the only variation is that of scale. Unlike the past, today, the methodologies to deal with a variety of schemes are unique and are based on their nature and goals. Before specifying any marketing plan, it is necessary to understand the key differences. In order to build a stronger platform, let us have a closer look at the points of contrast:

    Different objectives and tactics
    1. B2B deals are primarily driven by the goal of developing a personal relationship with the customers. They focus on effective ways to create customer engagement.

    2. Unbeatable B2C lead generation aims at attracting customer attention in the competitive market. Its main focus is on building a better brand name.

    Span of sales cycle
    1. B2B takes much longer to encompass all the activities from deal initiation to closure.

    2. B2C companies have a comparatively shorter sales cycle and transaction process.

    Time and resource investment
    1. B2B organizations utilize large investments in terms of time, money and resources.

    2. With a smaller business scope, B2C firms invest lesser resources, time and expenditure.

    Relationship with leads
    1. B2B has target-specific leads. It has a one-on-one relationship with its consumers. There is a sales team for training customers about the how the business works.

    2. B2C enforces no such sales team or group of trainers to support individual leads. Its customers deal with the only amount of knowledge they hold.

    Customer cognition
    1. B2B concerns with au-fait customers who are involved in deep research and require more precise content to push them along the sales funnel.

    2. B2C tackles less acknowledged set of buyers. These end users do not have a rational thinking for reasoning.

    Content Marketing
    1. B2B offers more detailed content to its customers such as free case studies, e-books, infographics, online videos and white papers to educate them.

    2. B2C involves in promotions through social media, schemes and discounts on products, personal communication methods to generate interest and create awareness.

    Decision making
    1. In the B2B world, every important decision is taken by the top management committee. A large number of people are responsible for influencing the steps to be taken.

    2. In B2C, demographics are important and the consumer is the chief decision-maker for buying a product.

    Sell and purchase approach
    1. B2B companies sell products on quality and price perception. There is no personal attachment to the buyer. Therefore, an unlikely impulse purchase occurs.

    2. In B2C marketing, a product is usually sold on an emotional-front and trust. Meta-sourcing is one such example of B2C marketing where companies seek business support from family and friends.

    Level of professionalism
    1. B2B meetings are highly professional. Managers hold conferences and presentations to discuss the business plans.

    2. B2C agents make unsolicited calls to the customers that sometimes seem unprofessional and invading their privacy.

    Value of products and services
    1. Price of the products and services offered by B2B is generally high as it includes convincing the client to agree to certain terms and conditions

    2. B2C gives cheaper goods to its customers as the deal closes after negotiation and persuasion according to the buyer’s will.

    Based on the analysis of above-mentioned points, we can draw definite conclusions. Both B2B and B2C lead generation companies follow unique sales processes and a well-defined strategy to acquire customers. But, the methodologies involved in customer-dealing process and the overall plan layout is different. Hence, before laying the foundation of any of the two, a quick look at the differences is a must.
  5. [​IMG]
    If there is one question in the outsourcing world which has boggled the minds of marketers, then it has to be this one. Why the entire world is interested in the call centres in India is a query which numerous companies, individuals and business gurus have. However, the ones who question are those who have no knowledge of the immense benefits which these contact centres bring to the business. There is a reason why business across the globe choose only one name when it comes to satiating their business needs. This blog will be highlighting the major reasons which make call centres in India the best choice for businesses all around the world.

    · Workforce is available at lesser prices:
    It is known to all that the workforce of developed countries is extremely costly and not everybody can afford it. However, the call centres in India offer talented workforce who are competent enough to carry out the tasks at a price way lower than what the employees of developed countries charge. As a result of this, call centres based here don’t face any difficulties while meeting the business objectives with limited costs.

    · Knowledgeable and talented workforce:
    The people of India aren’t just available to work at lower prices, they hold the necessary knowledge and technical abilities to provide that. As companies can’t contract out their business functions to just anybody, the centres over here ensure that they are equipped with the right people who are talented enough to carry out the tasks which are assigned to them.

    · Benefit of time zones:
    As India has a different time zone than some of the most established countries, the companies based here provide additional benefit of providing round-the-clock support to customers. As businesses are struggling to attract clients and retain them, offering 24x7 services is a means for them to ensure that the needs and demands of customers will always be taken care of. Call centres in India are equipped with the necessary abilities to safeguard the interests of customers and makes sure that the needs of clients are addressed at any given point of the day.

    Communication is one of the most important links which bridges the gap between a company and its stakeholders. The call centres in India are specialised to offer impeccable solutions while eliminating the risk of any communication gaps which might hamper a company’s bond with its clientele. In addition to the aforementioned points, India is a country of the youth and has a huge base of talented, energetic young people. Also, the government of the country has special provisions which work in the favour of companies. So, what are you waiting for? Outsource your call centre support to India today and lead your business tension free.
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    If you are a small sized industry fresh in the market and wanted to explore the competitive market of immaculate industry, then answering services can be a great help to you. Presently a lot of small and mid-sized industries are initiating the concept of answering services due to its cost-effective aspect. There are other advantages to usher in answering amenities from trusted service providers.

    The top three aspects of trusted answering services for small businesses are listed below. Take a look at it to ponder up on its beneficial nature.

    · Economical

    In other words, it is one of the most cost-effective aspects. Satisfying your customers during the initial period of your business isn’t easy especially when there are gigantic and rich industries already sitting and dominating the market place. Businesses partaking in the cutthroat market competition need some valuable asset to at least walk the aisle of commercial competition. This is the reason why answering services are the best facilities for small industries to engage customers and deliver them the right services hassle-free. It’s the customers who will take you to the top of the game in the market competition in remote future.

    · Professional

    Reliable answering services for small businesses can make your brand look professional. It does not matter if your company is functioning from your building basement or from a garage. When there is a customer call, the ultimate factor is that you have to appear grand and professional virtually. Outsourcing your customer services to a trusted answering service provider will ensure that the calls are attended by highly qualified call professionals to maintain competence.

    · Customer satisfaction

    Customers are the most important and pivotal component of an organisation. Whether small or big every business counts on the customer at the end of the day to improve business evolution. Why are some brands popular than others while both of them are providing the same item or service? Popular brands constantly engage their customers, promote their brand on myriad advertising channels to increase visibility and accumulate fresh patrons every day. Joining hands with answering services will help your small business generate the right amount of revenue and even gain customer’s satisfaction in the long run.

    An answering service can suit all your needs, from medical services to insurance industries every organisation is accessing its facilities to give an extra push to customer gratification as well as review betterment within the organisation. However, before collaborating with a certain agency ensure that the service provider can meet all your customers need.
  7. [​IMG]
  8. [​IMG] Most of the business professionals have a wrong perception about telemarketing services. They thought that telemarketing is restricted to the cold calling sales activities only. However, this is not the case, telemarketing is a widely used marketing practice that has the capability to turn many opportunities into business. Telemarketing is crucial part of marketing that help your business to reach a wide audience and drive qualified sales leads.

    Here is a rundown of the following ways in which you can use telemarketing to harness the significant benefits:

    Appointment setting: It is one of the important reasons to use telemarketing. It doesn’t matter whether you are dealing into insurance, mortgages or real-estate industry, securing an appointment through telephone gives you the opportunity to present to a qualified lead or you can say the potential customer. It is the ideal opportunity to sit with a prospective customer and discuss their needs. In the one-to-one interaction with the client, you can understand their pain points and then present a solution how your product/ service meets their needs, resolves their issues and address their concerns that they have. Telemarketing is a cost-effective marketing technique that help your business in gaining appointments.

    Following up: You have a client base who are interested in your product and services, but you didn’t secure a sale. Well, you can use telemarketing to take follow up via emails or direct mail letters. There are some businesses that don’t follow up visitors on LinkedIn or other social media platforms. If you are not following the visitors on social media channels, then you could be losing a lot of business. Following up by phone can be a great opportunity to convert prospects into lucrative business deals.

    Market research: This is another very important reason for choosing telemarketing outsourcing for your business. Whether it’s a new prospect or existing customers, telemarketing service can be used effectively to gather feedback about customer service or opinions prior to a product launch or acceptance of a product in the marketplace. With the right target audience, market research conducted over phone can give you instant market intelligence and customer insights. This, in turn, help you improve your marketing campaign and provide with the list of potential customers.

    List cleaning: Most of the customer data that you hold in our marketing databases, CRM systems and web app cam be inappropriate or outmoded. With the help of telemarketing services, you can clean the outdated entries from your marketing lists. This, in turn, increases the chances of getting qualified leads. A team of skilled telemarketing agents can quickly contact prospects, partners and customers to update their details and information, ask them some market research and provide promotional offers to grab their attention. In this manner, you can update the CRM database and approach prospective customers who are interested in your offerings.

    Event promotion: Telemarketing is an important marketing technique to promote an event in order to outreach a wide audience and create brand awareness. If you are planning an event and want people to attend the event, then outsourcing telemarketing services for this purpose is a sure-shot way of getting delegates to book their place. Whether it is webinar, corporate event or any expo, telemarketing prove to be an efficient option to reach your market audience.

    Reaching existing customers: It is important yet often overlooked source of sales, revenue and opportunity. There is no denial to the fact that existing customers will be much easier to convert than new prospects. The simple reason behind this is they know your brand, trust your brand and have already bought from you in the past. Reaching your existing customers is important to drive leads. Telemarketing professionals can upsell, cross sell and build strong relationship with your old customers to increase their life time value.

    In the bottom line

    Telemarketing can be a very effective and result-driven technique that helps you in boosting your marketing efforts and drive sales. With this, you can acquire new customers as well as reinforce the relationship with the existing ones. So, choosing telemarketing outsourcing is a good idea to spread your brand awareness and increase the sales pipeline. Always choose a reliable call centre company that offer excellent telemarketing solutions.

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