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  1. Do you work from home and need a little motivation to structure your working day?

    Here are 8 tips you can use to make you more productive:

    1. Be strict and get out of bed when you are supposed to.
    2. Get into a routine. Shower and shave as if you were leaving to go to a job every day.
    3. Get dressed. Don’t sit in your pajamas all day.
    4. Take a walk after your morning shower. It will feel like entering work when you return.
    5. Have your home office set up in a room that is free from distraction.
    6. Working from the living room or bedroom has too many temptations.
    7. Take breaks to refresh yourself.
    8. Don’t skip lunch. Even better, leave the house for lunch and grab a coffee from the local cafe.

  2. Did you know that each and every one of us are born with a natural ability to sell?

    Consider this scenario:

    Child: Dad can I please have a packet of crisps?

    Dad: No, you have already had a chocolate bar today.

    Child: please dad, just one?

    Dad: No!

    Child: But dad, I have been so good today, I cleaned my room, washed the dishes and did all my homework. I also promise not to eat any junk tomorrow.

    Dad: Ok then you can have a packet.

    So, why does this work and what does it mean?

    I have written a blog post called 'We Are All Natural Born Sellers' which you can read using the link.
  3. Do you know when you are being sold to?

    I have just written a blog which lists the 11 most popular techniques used by sales agents to get you to sign on the dotted line.

    11 Popular Closing Techniques Used By Professional Sales Agents
  4. Would a successful sales agent really decide to leave full time employment if they were earning a great wage and making high levels of commissions each year?

    The answer is yes. A huge number of professional sales people break away from the constraints of employed work every year... but why do they choose to do so?

    Is it a reality that you could utilise these people and eventually build up a team of successful sales reps for your company also? Surely it can't be that easy? Is there a catch?

    Read more about how your company can benefit from the choices that independent sales reps make here: Independent Sales Rep Jobs – Breaking Away From The Constraints Of Employment
  5. Are you an independent sales rep and are tired of hunting high and low for the best independent sales rep jobs?

    In the summer of 2013 a brand new company called CommissionCrowd is launching who's aim is to change the world of independent sales forever!

    They will be giving sales reps and companies all of the tools you need to connect and work together like never before. In-fact, independent sales reps will even be able to build their own sub-teams and earn a percentage of their teams sales activity.

    To find out more head on over to www.commissiononlysalesjobs.co.uk and sign up to be notified as soon as they launch!
  6. I have put my top 5 social media sales tips into a blog post that can be found here: 5 Invaluable Social Media Sales Tips
  7. Knowing your company's unique selling proposition is vital to ensuring you are set apart from your competition.

    Take this scenario:

    Two stalls sit next to eachother at a county market. One sells pineapples and advertises them as the ripest and sweetest pineapples in the country.

    The other stall also sells pineapples however, their stall advertises the fact that their pineapples are fair trade and grown 100% organically.

    Both stalls are identical, their price is the same and all fruit is in perfect condition.

    Which stall do you buy from?

    If you are interested in discovering how to think about your company's USP then you may find this article interesting: Understanding your company's unique selling proposition
  8. If you have been looking to build a team of professional commission only sales agents for your company, but find it a struggle, then your commission structure might not be an attractive proposition to a sales agent.

    Have you thought about offering a 'residual commission' structure?

    This commission structure is when your company's freelance sales agents are paid a percentage of commission on any repeat orders that come about from an initial deal. Perhaps it's a one off deal with the likelihood of a re-order, or even a client that pays monthly for a service.

    The key is not to be greedy. Offer at least 20%+ of the profit to your sales agent. That way you will be much more likely to attract and more importantly retain your top selling sales agents.