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    It’s a brand new year, and no doubt over the holiday season everyone has added a few kilos to their weight. But before you rush back to your work and insane travelling itinerary, remember that you can stay in shape while travelling on business. How?

    Visit link to read full blog
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    Is it me or does the most romantic day of the year seem to come around very quickly? The pressure is certainly on for lovers to impress each other with signs of love, and with only just under 2 weeks to go, our team have found some classic and also quirky things to do in London on Valentine’s Day. Here are our top 5 things to do to guarantee you will impress your loved one.

    Click here to view full blog http://www.qualitylondonapartments.com/valentines-day-events-in-london/
  3. 10 Family Christmas activities in London

    If you and your children are visiting London this year for a Christmas, then you are definitely in for treat, as London is brilliant during the holiday seasons. London offers so many exciting things to do, some free some not so free, but definitely lots of choice.

    Here are our top 10 activities to keep your family very entertained this Christmas. Visit link below to view our top 10!

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  4. If you are visiting London for your holiday or for work, visiting one of London’s historic pubs is a must. The term ‘pub’ is a shorted version of Popular Public House and has been around in one from or another since the Roman times. Yes, believe it or not, the British drinks ethic started early and is still going strong. It is a unique British institution and is a great way to any non-British person to socialize with locals and of course enjoy a local ale or two. It is really worth visiting a historic pub because the atmosphere is unique and you do feel as though you are going back in time. Here are some of the top 5 historic pubs in London worth visiting. Visit link below to read more!

    Top 5 historic Pubs in London | Quality London Apartments
  5. It is summer holiday again and while the mass exodus from London begins, as a native of London, you can stay and enjoy the urban delights just like a visitor. And for a budget as well! Why pay to stay in another city urban jungle, when you and me can stay in our own beautiful London? Here are some ways to see London in a different view: More>>
  6. Your boss has told you to go for a few weeks to London on a business project, you feel torn in two, excited to visit a new city, but also worry about leaving your friends and family behind. I don’t blame you for the mixed feelings, being away for a long time from your family is hard, even if it is to the beautiful and exciting city of London.
    But technology has made it so easy to stay in contact with your friends and family, and here are some of Quality London Apartments’ suggestions to keep loneliness at bay! Click here to read more>>
  7. Congratulations to the British Museum for soaring visitor numbers and only 1 step away from being number one in the world! The Louvre in Paris better watch out, London is not far behind.

  8. This Sunday 30th March is Mother's Day, here are some last minute ideas to treat your beloved mother to Luxury Afternoon Tea in London. She's worth every penny so don't be cheap. Last Minute Mother's Day Present! | Quality London Apartments
  9. If you travel on holiday or on business and is new to the London holiday rentals/serviced apartment world, this is the blog for you. I wish in this blog to explain the difference between a London holiday rental and a hotel room, so you can decide for yourself which is most suitable for you. I am unashamedly biased for holiday rental and serviced apartments as I think they really do offer amazing value, but I do also understand the attraction of hotels and why they are the best option for some travellers.
    I hope this will help you when choosing your London accommodation!

    To read the rest of the blog, please visit link below.

    London Holiday Rentals Apartments vs Hotels | Quality London Apartments
  10. You and family have excitedly decided to make London your vacation destination this year! Then you start your research for London accommodation, tourist things to do, flights and is shocked by how much this is all adding up to. I know London can be a very expensive destination, but it is such a beautiful and exciting city, and if you dig a little deeper, there are many ways to travel to London and not pay extortionate prices.
    Read on dear traveller, our friendly team at Quality London Apartments have compiled some ideas to help you visit London without breaking the bank.

    To read the rest of our blog please visit:

    10 Top Tips for visiting London on a budget | Quality London Apartments
  11. If you're looking for a place to stay on your next trip to London but you don't want to be limited to just a room and a TV you might want to consider a London serviced apartment. A serviced apartment is similar to renting a flat but without the long term lease and it's also cleaned regularly.
    Serviced apartments can offer the perfect solution to many business trips and also pleasure trips away with family and friends. You won't need to worry about family members being in different rooms across the hotel and you can all sit together in a "living room" in private.
    Some people often get confused between serviced apartments and hotels because they both offer accommodation for fairly short stays. However, there are significant differences between the two types of accommodation with different benefits associated with each. It's a good idea to understand what benefits a serviced apartment offers and if it's suitable for your next trip away.

    Safe accommodation
    Serviced apartments offer a safe place for you to stay. If you're staying with young children you can easily keep an eye on them and not worry that they're in a different room somewhere across the hotel. You have your own living space which includes areas to relax in and also work.
    You'll have access to a fully equipped kitchen which means you can eat in and enjoy your stay. You won't need to worry about people outside your room trying to get in or members of staff letting themselves in with a key card either!

    Cost effective
    If you're going to be staying for a few weeks or even months a serviced apartment will probably work out much cheaper than a hotel. What's more; you don't have to worry about eating out every night since you can cook your own meals in the fully equipped kitchen.
    Serviced apartments also work out easier than rented accommodation since you don't have to worry about references to pay the rent on time. The payments are very similar to a hotel but your stay will feel like you're renting your own flat for the trip.

    Serviced apartments offer convenience along with peace of mind. You can leave items in your apartment without worrying that the chamber maids or hotel staff are going to steal them. You also don't have to worry about being back at a certain time so reception can let you into your room. You have your own key just like you would to get into your own house.
    You're free to treat the apartment as you would do being at home. Unwind and relax, cook a meal in the kitchen, use a study room to work in. If you're on a business trip there's always plenty of space to spread out, use your laptop and even spread out paper work.
    So, consider s serviced apartment next time you're taking a trip away. It could be the perfect solution to your accommodation and it might just save you money.
  12. London is a great city to visit with many popular attractions all year round. There’s a thorough transport network so you’re never far away from a bus or underground station. If you’re visiting London with the family you’ll want to keep everyone entertained and that’s easily achieved in London.
    It’s a good idea to plan your trip before you go to ensure you can fit everything in. If there are certain things you want to do then make sure you book ahead if necessary and plan an itinerary. There are many family friendly attractions throughout the city, with some costing more than others. So set yourself a budget and have fun!
    In this article we’ll cover just some of the fantastic variety of activities to do in London. We can’t possibly list all activities here because the list would be endless! But these are just some suggestions of what to do and what sort of families each activity is suitable for.

    London Eye
    The London Eye is a breathtaking monument in itself. Towering at 135 metres the London Eyes is Europe’s largest Ferris wheel and one of the most popular attractions in the UK. Booking ahead is recommended to avoid disappointment. This attraction is great for the entire family because it’s such a unique way of seeing the whole of London from a bird’s eye view.

    London Dungeons
    How brave is your family? If you’re feeling like something a little bit different then let The London Dungeons take you on a journey through the darkest and bloodiest history of the city. You’ll re-live the plague, the fire of London and you’ll also learn about many torture methods along with old-fashioned medical equipment.

    Madame Tussauds
    Have you ever wanted to hang out with your favourite celebrities but you’re still waiting for the invitation? Well here it is! Madame Tussauds is a collection of the most famous celebrity waxwork models. You’ll get to meet Brad Pitt, Britney Spears and Johnny Depp to name just a few.

    Tower of London
    The Tower of London hosts the Crown Jewels which can be viewed by the public. You’ll also learn about the History of the tower and how criminals were dealt with. If you’re lucky you might even see the famous beheaded ghost! There are numerous guided tours around the Tower of London which are well worth the money.

    Changing of the Guards
    One of Britain’s most famous monarchy events is the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace. Every day the Queens guards march outside the Palace in a ceremony to mark the guards changing over. It’s a great time to see the Monarchy still in action.

    Theatre & Film
    London has a fantastic array of choices when it comes to Theatre and Film. The West End is world renowned for its breathtaking shows and performances whilst Leicester Square boasts film premiers with all the film stars walking up the famous red carpet. Be sure to book your tickets before you visit so you know what’s on and you can get good seats.
    And don't forget, in order to enjoy your short break in London, you'll need a great place to stay – why not consider the practicality of a London Serviced Apartment rather than a hotel? We'd love to help you find the perfect London accommodation in which to base yourself!
  13. If you’re thinking of visiting London then the first thing you need to sort out is your accommodation. Whilst it might seem the obvious choice to go for a hotel room have you thought about a serviced apartment? Not only will you get more space which is great for the family, but you could end up saving money too.
    When taking a family break the last thing you want is for everyone to fall out. This can easily happen when you’re all crammed into a tiny room with nowhere to escape to. Even if you’re only ever in your room to sleep and get ready in the morning, it’s easy to get on each other’s nerves.
    A serviced apartment is much like a home away from home. You get your own kitchen, lounge area, separate bedrooms, bathrooms etc. You don’t have to worry about getting home before reception closes and the entire family is free to have their own pace. The only thing that’s left to do is plan your trip and what to do in London.

    How family friendly is a hotel?
    When it comes down to it, how family friendly is a hotel really? If you’re travelling with a large family you often need separate rooms. This can be very difficult with lots of children that need to be supervised, not to mention the cost! You need to always remember to carry a key around with you and if there are problems in the middle of the night it can be a real headache to deal with.
    Some families, especially ones with much younger children, can be frowned upon in the restaurant or breakfast areas. It’s just not a family friendly atmosphere; other hotel guests don’t appreciate the loud noise and disturbance of kids. Some hotel restaurants are very cramped and they don’t all provide high chairs.
    Sometimes the menu itself can become a real problem if there are vegetarians in the family or anyone with special dietary requirements. All of this starts to mount up to a sore head and the family trip away has barely begun! How about an option that’s much more family friendly and won’t leave you with a pounding headache?

    The benefits of a serviced apartment
    If you’re travelling with a family the benefits of a serviced apartment soon become very apparent and the entire family trip becomes a relaxing break away instead of a nightmare! If you do have any fussy eaters in the family it’s simply a case of visiting the nearest supermarket or bringing the right foods with you.
    With your own kitchen; meal times can become a family activity and there are no grumpy hotel guests to disturb! If you need some space to unwind after a long day out then serviced apartments offer some escape zones. Relax in your bedroom, in the living room or even on the balcony. You can still check on the rest of the family by leaving the door slightly ajar.
    All in all, if you're travelling to London for a family break in 2010, a serviced apartment is a great choice.
    Quality London Apartments have been offering high quality serviced apartments for over 4years and would love to help you plan your stay!
  14. We have commenced a partnership with a new apartment in the heart of London called St Christopher's Place.
    The St Christopher's Place London apartments are a collection of modern and contemporary open plan designed studios and one bedroom apartments. Each has beech hardwood floors and a fully tiled bathroom with bath and shower.
    Large windows provide a light and airy environment. The studios have sofa beds with working areas and fitted wardrobes whist one bedrooms have separate double bed in bedroom, separate lounge and kitchen. The kitchens are fully equipped with gas hobs, washer dryers and dishwashers. Each apartment has a dining area for four, entrance ways, DVD, video and CD facilities, mini safe, direct dial telephone, internet access, Sky TV and entry phone for added security.
    St Christopher's Place, a fashionable pedestrianized street lined with exclusive shops and cosmopolitan restaurants. It is a very elegant, discreet yet lively oasis in the heart of such a famous shopping street. Only a short walk to Selfridges on Oxford Street, Bond Street and Central Line trains for the city. The underground tube stations of Bond Street and Baker Street are a few moments walk away providing easy - twenty minute, access to Canary Wharf and London Docklands.

    Benefits of these apartments:
    • Complimentary Broadband internet throughout your stay
    • Sky TV
    • Only a stone's throw from all the local and best shops in London
    • Cheaper and more spacious than a hotel suite
    • Entry Phone
    • Ideal for business or leisure travellers seeking a more cost effective London accommodation
    Price is from £840 per week for studio and £1050 per week for one bedroom, rate includes VAT. Minimum 7 nights stay. If you are on a budget, please do tell us so we can try to assist you.

    Binh Zientek
    PR contact
    Tel: +44 (0)20 7476 8963
    Email: sales@qualitylondonapartments.co.uk

    Official Company Websites:
    www.QualityLondonApartments.co.uk – London

    Our company Blogs to insider tips:
  15. Quality London Apartments is proud to showcase a brand new serviced apartment to our portfolio. The Think Earls Court is a brand new complex of London serviced apartments, and has Executive apartments/studios.

    The Executive apartments/Studios are furnished in a refreshingly modern colour palette of green and cream, the bed area has a divider from the kitchenette and sitting area, thus giving you an open plan studio with an element of privacy. All of the apartments enjoy a kitchenette with microwave, fridge/freezer, kettle.
    Being so new means that these studios are hot of the press and modern.

    Benefits of these apartments:

    Complimentary Broadband internet throughout your stay

    Open plan studio but with divider between bed area and lounge/kitchenette

    Modern, contemporary and brand new

    Compact kitchenette: microwave, kettle, fridge/freezer

    24 hour reception with emergency support

    Price starts from £89.00 per night which includes VAT, free internet and all utilities.

    Earls Court is only 3 minutes walk away and it is only a short walk to local shops and restaurants.

    Binh Zientek
    PR contact
    Tel: +44 (0)20 7476 8963
    Email: sales@qualitylondonapartments.co.uk