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  1. Starting a new business soon, or looking to switch your card processing and merchant account services to a better provider because you're hacked off with your current contract? Look no further than CardProcessing.co.uk.

    PDQ Payments Ltd. (via their website Card Processing Services for Small to Medium Sized UK Businesses) are offering new start ups and switchers 3 FREE months credit card machine rental for anyone that signs up to their services in August.

    Go to www.cardprocessing.co.uk and sign up to a card processing merchant account before midnight 31st August and you'll get your first 3 months of card machine rental for absolutely nothing - that's how convinced we are that you'll love our card processing services!
  2. In our recent press release published here, entitled 'UK Retailers Biggest Enemy On The Eve of 2013' we mention how small UK retailers are still do incredibly backwards at coming forwards, with archaic tills to go with their archaic shops.

    But are we being over-critical of those businesses that don't want to move with the times? Well, let's look at the facts.

    a) Consumers PREFER to pay by card.
    It's not an industry myth, this because statistically relevant in 2010 where it was noted more people are not paying by cards, than they are with cash. The cashless society is here. Ref.

    b) Safety.
    We've found that antique shops are one of those industries that is the slowest at coming forward. However, just because they're trying to sell items from the last century (or so), doesn't mean they need to take payments as if they were also in that same century.

    In fact, antique shops, where the average order value can be North of £50, it makes perfect sense to offer card payment options. No one these days likes to walk about with a handful of cash.

    c) Psychologically easier to part with money
    Be it a spend of £10, or £1,000 - paying by credit card means that physically you see no change in how much money you have, where as, someone whom hands over a large sum of cash is fully aware of the true worth of money.

    d) High average order values
    We've already mentioned the safety aspects, but because you are only limited to your credit limit and not to how much money you've withdrawn from the cash machine, impulse buys are more obvious among credit/debit card users.

    So, while there are additional costs with taking card payments, if your business is sound, you're going to see many more positive side-effects that out-weigh the negatives of accepting cards.

    [​IMG] Merchant Account Card Processing Rates from 1.25%. Get a quote online, click here.