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  1. Finding an outsourcing abroad through the house can have considerable advantages, including a well-trained workforce with special skills to achieve well

    European outsourcing centers can hardly compete with India, China and Bangladesh to reduce labor costs or availability. However, the advance collaboration technologies help countries like Poland, Romania, and Bulgaria to win British company who want to take IT services abroad while staying in close contact.

    Near shoring is on the rise thanks to a number of reasons, such as the affinity between the British company and its European counterparts and a group of highly skilled workers. "With the increasing digitalization, we see the near shore sites are better equipped with certain types of processes that require close cultural alignment with Western Europe," said Sarah Burnett, Research Vice President of Everest Group.


    In Eastern Europe, the economy is lower than in the more developed economies, as well as many technical and computer skills, a legacy of the education priorities of the old communists. "It is much more convenient for a company to create a development center in a European country in India, mainly for cultural reasons," said Boris Kontsevoi, Interties President and Director, an outsourcing company. "In Eastern Europe, the educational level is higher than in India. They also have a strong tradition in areas such as engineering and mathematics.

    Tax incentives

    Therefore, their most attractive markets have appreciated the governments of countries like Poland and Romania tax incentives in favor of IT companies based on their territory and the fact that many of them belong to the European Union before the degree of legal certainty.

    Another advantage is the ease perceived that Eastern Europeans should learn foreign languages, useful for companies with supply chains and customers around the world function. "In Poland, Bulgaria or Romania, companies can find good technical skills and language skills as English.

    However, an up-and-coming result is that companies near Verbau are that they are handy and take a similar clientele in the time zone of the United Kingdom. As IT projects are increasingly developed and implemented in real-time, the physical proximity member has gained new importance in recent years.

    Time zones

    In the past, the following essential technological projects developed over several months, sometimes-even years, a structured methodology, where each step is followed by a certain period. Now, however, companies are increasingly using technologies based on the cloud to work on their projects. The products are set to work quickly and improved and updated to provide customers with benefits. Time zones allow closest teams in different countries to work together, and the ability to make an immediate travel decision, conduct a workshop or review how the things in the outsourcing partners will add extra build up benefits.