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  1. A few years ago i used to dominate google places listings in my city. Whether someone was after an electrician in West Bromwich, a plumber in Solihull or a kitchen fitter in Birmingham, my google places listing would show up at the very top of google maps.

    For some strange reason i lost all of that. My map vanished.

    I lost interest in it then. I knew how to optimise a map so that it ranked well but for some peculiar reason my map vanished and my business enquiries diminished.

    After ranting on the google forums today, https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!category-topic/business/need-advice/BVquIR17fuQ i suddenly realised that maps has evolved a little. It is now possible to enter longer introductions about your business and it's easier to update the mini blog and add links, bold numbers and add pictures.

    I moved the business address from a house in Great Barr to a flat in Smethwick which i use as the head office address. This means that a lot of the citations for the previous business listings i entered are wrong, and will now seek to change these and update or add new business listings to correct the now out of date information.

    I've just had a new logo made for C&N Property Solutions and i've been updating the website slowly.

    I have a custom URL for my maps listing now, i had to add the word Birmingham to the end of the maps listing because my google plus for business had taken the URL suggested. https://plus.google.com/b/112778144462022838861/+CandnpropertysolutionsCoUkBirmingham/

    I'm going to upload some logos and try and get some reviews on my C and N Property Solutions map listing and monitor the results.
  2. When i started working on payday loan websites i originally started with small payday loans because when it comes to borrowing money on a short term, high interest basis, little is very much better. But some lenders seem to be blurring the lines. They think little is up to 1000 pounds. Some lenders, back in the day, were offering short term cash of up to 1400 pounds. In my view, a smaller loan on bad credit terms is in the region of 300 or maybe 400, not 1000 or in the extreme, 1400. It is almost as if they have tried to change the perception of size in relation to credit.

    Not all lenders operate like this, although, the main reason some payday lenders in the UK offer genuine, short term, little loans is because they want to avoid handing out larger sums to first timers, they want to limit their losses from potential delinquent non payers. These days, a lot of people with bad credit take out credit cards and payday loans that are on a whole specifically catered for bad credit borrowers and have no intention of paying it back. But, once a lender has lent a smaller sum to a successful applicant and had the loan repaid, plus the extortionate APR, they then very often lift the limit on the small loan and turn it into what could be deemed a large loan when you think of how high the annual percentage rate is.
  3. I have decided to set up a plethora of commodity websites, one that focuses on more traditional commodities, like the current price of Gold, and one that focuses on a newer commodity, the current price of Bitcoin.co.uk. I decided to make a site about Bitcoin because it is a topic i have a genuine interest in and intend to buy some coins in the the near future. Making a site about Bitcoins requires research which will help me learn interesting bits and bobs along the way making me better informed, such as how many Bitcoins are there?. Also, Bitcoin shares many similarities with Gold, so it compliments my precious metals website nicely.

    I am hoping to cover Bitcoin Wallets UK, Bitcoin Exchanges UK, Bitcoin Values in the various currencies and touch on current Bitcoin News.

    The site will be a light overview on Bitcoin, i will try to avoid going into forensic crypto currency, where they discuss BTC mining extensively.

    I am hoping to make the site UK centric funneling potential Bitcoin buyers to UK operated websites that can help them.

    In Crypto currency we trust.
  4. I decided to use fiverr for a cheap logo for a credit card offers website i am putting together. I was only after something simple and to the point as it is going to be a pretty straightforward site talking about all of the different credit card deals available, the different types of credit cards, and general information. Considering it only cost 5 dollars i am quite impressed. I think that the font style is ok but could be improved slightly, such as removing the gradient strikes through the text as it is possibly a bit of a dated design style, but i am happy with the imagery overall.

    New Credit Card Website Logo | Good Credit Card Deals

  5. I'm working on a new site focusing on good credit card deals. I'm still putting the site together but i am hoping this site will be lucrative. I'm planning to invest about 1500 quid or so on 'quality' content and getting a decent logo made and some SEO to make it rank higher. I'm thinking that the best strategy for a site about credit card offers will be mass content for longtail traffic and hoping i get lucky with some popular terms. Just ranking for the sites domain name alone, good credit card deals, could probably bring in a reasonable level of traffic. I'm hoping to populate it with guides about the different types of credit cards, balance transfers, purchases, rewards, cash back, bad credit and also list the best offers around at the moment. Whether or not i decide to sign up to aff's remains to be seen, i will most probably just cover the site in advertising like i do with most sites. This one is going to be good though, im gonna make it look pretty by spending time on the colours and design elements.
  6. Bad Credit Bank Accounts

    You may have got yourself into an unsatisfactory financial situation with your bank, credit card provider and mortgage company perhaps through no fault of your own due to being made redundant. If this is the case, you may find that your credit rating has deteriorated significantly with the credit reference agencies.

    It may take quite some time before your credit history improves during which period you may find it difficult to obtain further finance such as loans or even a contract mobile phone. Furthermore, if your present bank has felt it necessary to freeze your bank account, stopping the use of your debit card and cancelling your direct debits because you have significantly exceeded your overdraft limit you may have to seek alternative banking arrangements.

    Find out more information about bad credit banking in the UK at http://www.bankaccounts-for-badcredit.com/

    This could prove problematic as well as being most inconvenient. There are many high street banks and building societies that provide a basic bank account for those people with a poor credit history that are seeking bad credit bank accounts.

    Regrettably, a basic bank account tends to provide rather limited services. For instance, they are unlikely to provide a chequebook or an overdraft facility and may not all provide a debit card. Instead, you may only be issued with a cash card and that may not be able to be used as widely as a debit card. For instance, it may not permit you to withdraw cash out of cash machines overseas whilst you are on holiday.

    However, there is an alternative type of account for those people requiring a bad credit bank account. Such an account is often referred to as a Guaranteed Bank Account and there are several financial institutions that offer such an account.

    A Guaranteed Bank Account can be opened by someone with a bad credit rating even if they are bankrupt. This is because no credit reference enquiry is made of the credit reference agencies.

    Such an account will provide a pre-paid debit card enabling you to withdraw cash from cash machines and buy items in shops, online or over the phone and can be used overseas. You can have monies paid into the bank account and pay your regular bills by direct debit. You are unlikely to be provided with a chequebook or overdraft facility and there is often a charge to both open and operate the account.

    It usually only takes a few minutes to apply for such an account online.
  7. In addition to setting up a website about adverse credit history mortgages i am also now setting up pages about bad credit remortgages on a new mortgage website i am working on called MortgagesMortgagesMortgages.co.uk. The site is still being put together at the moment and the content is all pretty junky but i am mainly sowing the seeds for later development.

    The site will hopefully have a professional logo designed, unlike most of my other sites that are pretty primitive. I will also be adding mortgage tools to the site like a mortgage calculator for bad credit www.mortgagesmortgagesmortgages.co.uk/mortgage-calculation and other tools that will give mortgage repayment data. I am also hoping to pay article writers to produce some quality content about IP (Income Protection) insurance, critical illness cover, and home insurance.

    The site is hopefully going to be a one stop shop for people with chequred credit history looking for mortgage products on bad credit terms.

    The mortgage broker i am sending data to appears to be able to locate mortgages for people who have CCJ's, Defaults and even missed payments on their current mortgage.

    The sites design is still a bit lacking but i am going to spend money on this site and try to make it look more professional but i intend to keep it simple as i don't like cluttered sites.
  8. I am busy working on a new website for bathrooms and kitchens to be supplied and installed in the Birmingham West Midlands area, www.kitchensandbathroomsbirmingham.co.uk/kitchen-supply-and-fitting the site is still in its early days yet but it is getting there. The reason i decided to make a new website about kitchens and bathrooms is that my current one cover all sorts of different topics, electrical installation, plumbing, gas, and full property refurbishments. With this new website i am hoping to convey the message that we focus heavily on bathroom fitting and kitchen fitting 'but we also do...' as an aside to our main service. The fact that the domain name contains what we do should help, as opposed to a brand name. I am hoping that being 'simple' and 'usable' the site will perform well. I will most probably market the site via advertising.
  9. Recent reports by various media channels and newspapers have revealed that turning to companies who specialise in selling property fast Information About Selling Your House Quickly, Fast Property Sales Info is becoming increasingly popular as time is of the essence for many people and they do not wish to use an estate agent and wait months, or even years in some cases, for a buyer to take the house or flat off their hands.

    But the recent news regarding quick home buying companies does not show the emerging industry in a good light - it shows it in a very bad one.

    Reports reveal that the OFT have urged people to avoid selling to quick home buyers because it will mean they get a far worse deal financially than they would selling via the more traditional route of using an estate agent or listing on the various property portals.

    Read more about peoples experiences with quick house selling companies who pay cash, quick - Bad Experiences With House Sale Companies | Selling Property Faster

    The Telegraph newspaper has also been covering the topic and revealed that one couple who were selling a home they had inherited from a dead relative lost as much as 40% of the equity in the home they were selling by opting to offload it quickly. In that case the house had been on the market for over a year, they were promised 75% of the houses true value but it was eventually flogged, 10 weeks after signing up with the cash house buying business, for 60k.

    If time is of the essence and urgent action is required then selling quick may very well be an ideal solution in certain circumstances, but more often than not it is a bad idea.
  10. A survey carried out with the intent of finding out how many council tenants turn to doorstep lenders to get hold of cash revealed that 1600 Gloucester council house tenants have taken out these high interest loans at some point during their life.

    A whopping 37% of those surveyed revealed that they had taken out a home collected loan or turned to loan sharks who were the only people willing to lend them money due to the fact that a large proportion of the 1600 were on benefits / had a very low income.

    While the loans were taken out on interest terms many times higher than what banks charge, 272%, they are many times lower than that of a payday lender who generally charge around 2000% for fast, short term loans to be repaid back upon payday.

    The increase in popularity of these short term cash advances looks set to continue as a result of the current coalition governments reduced spending pledge that has hit people on low incomes and the various forms of benefits the hardest.

    People who get into difficulties financially are being urged to sign up to credit unions who offer loans at around 26% APR (annual percentage rate) but it is difficult to obtain credit union loans in many cases unless the applicant is a member of the union.
  11. I am extremely surprised by just how in demand loan companies for bad credit are.

    I set up a website a couple of months ago and decided i would focus is solely on loans for people with poor credit history, loans for adverse credit. I filled it with pages such as Mortgages For Adverse Credit UK | Bad Credit Mortgage Lenders | Self Employed Morgage Borrowers | loanscompanies.co.uk bad credit mortgages and Credit Cards For Poor Credit History | Bad Credit Credit Card Companies In The UK | loanscompanies.co.uk credit cards for bad credit status.

    It has been generating a fair bit of traffic for people who are in need of a loan on bad credit terms. The most shocking discovery i have made is that loans considered 'last resort' such as door step, are incredibly popular.

    It just goes to show how bad the recession affected people in the UK.
  12. I've had a few press releases done that discuss my main company's services, domestic installation, bathroom fitting, kitchen fitting, boiler installation and a whole lot more.

    Looking for a professional tradesman in Birmingham, then look no further | E-Articles

    The press release was put together by a guy i have used before and distributed to many different news sites. It also features in google news for various different terms. All in all i think it has been good value for money at only 55 pounds. I think that press releases covering your service in detail, in my case it is electrical, plumbing and installing services, is a vital element to the grand scheme of a businesses marketing strategy.
  13. I managed to acquire a reasonably good domain name whilst browsing the 123 reg website. It is called 'LoansCompanies.co.uk'. It is a nice two word domain name, in an ideal world i would prefer to have 'LoanCompanies.co.uk' without the 's' - but with it being a keyword it will most likely rank for its variation due to semantics. I decided that it will be a website centred around bad credit loans. I am compiling various pages to do with the different types of loans available for people with bad credit, such as door step loans and log book loans, payday loans and credit cards for poor credit status. I may even include something to do with mortgages but the site is still early days yet. I am already getting quite a bit of traffic for people in search of loans companies and not brokers so the pressure is on to develop it quickly and start making some money from it.
  14. I have been busy updating my website with new content about kitchens and bathrooms in an attempt to grow the number of enquiries about new kitchens and bathrooms from people who live in the Birmingham West Midlands area.

    I much prefer kitchen and bathroom work as opposed to the plumbing and electrical work we focused on when the website was originally created.

    It's nice working in one room, with electrical and plumbing work you are all over the house lifting floor boards and crawling into the loft, even ladders up the sides of houses working in all weathers.

    I would like to cut out electrical and plumbing and focus on installing new kitchens and bathrooms but i know the reason we get alot of enquiries is because we undertake pretty much all the domestic works on property.
  15. Kerry katona is fronting advertising for a uk payday loans company :lol: is there anything she will not do for money? First big brother, now this...

    I know i have an interest in payday loans myself but i would never dream of going around and advising people to take out short term payday loans as it is something that should be seen as a complete and utter last resort. If someone takes out a payday loan and ends up not paying it back on the original agreed time the costs and interest escalate beyond belief, especially when you compare it to the interest rates charged on small money loaned by banks. Celebrities shouldn't endorse these types of loans in my opinion. It should be up to members of the public to determine whether or not they feel the need to turn to a payday lender at that instance in their life.

    The Sun Newspaper has been quick to pick up on Kerry Katona's interesting decision to be the face of cash lady and subsequently posted an article about it which details 3 people who took out small cash advances on their salary and ended up with bills many times higher than their original loan.

    One of the young ladies featured in the newspaper article took out an 80 pound loan and ended up paying £1320 pounds in charges and interest. That particular individual thinks Kerry Katona advertising payday loans is putting women at financial risk.

    I'm not berating payday loans altogether, as i know that for certain members of society these loans are a massive help, but for a celebrity such as kerry katona to advertise payday loans is just wrong (Especially considering she was declared bankrupt for non payment of taxes, how ridiculous it that, she can't manage her own money never mind advising others). She is very much in the public eye, newspapers, magazines, and followed by impressionable members of society, the type that like to watch big brother shows and read about celebs every waking hour of the day. Those are the type of people who could walk into the payday loan trap by thinking that payday loans are useful in all situations when in reality they are useful in some situations.

    It is situations like this that make me realise the proposed cap in payday loan interest isn't such a bad idea afterall, provided it doesn't spur on a new type of high interest financial product to get around the payday loan cap, or force lenders to become too picky about who they loan money to.