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  1. A brand new Burger Van market place has been setup and to celebrate the website going live they are offering a free promotion, you can place a listing on the website for free.

    Burger Vans was initially drafted in mid 2012 but has only turned into a project over the last 6 weeks, the website is designed to be a portal offering business owners all the latest advice and news about running a catering van. It also has a complex market place offering the latest vans from around the internet, this also includes vans for rent or spares and repairs.

    You can create an account in less than two minutes, submit your advert and then wait for buyers, as this website is backed by a leading online marketing company they harvest the vast majority of buyers looking for a van.

    Visit the website here: http://burger-vans.com/ or you can browse the burger vans for sale section.
  2. For those of you who play the lottery, I don't have much time to carry on with this blog on UKBL however I do have a lottery blog which may be an easy way for you to keep up to date with the latest results.

    This blog post is for the Thunderball Lottery.

    The Thunderball results are published every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday for just the entry cost of £1 it offers one of the biggest jackpots of it's kind, it also provides players with a unique prize structure as one can win a larger cash prize than the entry cost for matching just one number, the Thunderball.

    The Thunderball results for Wednesday 30th October are: 10, 22, 24, 30, 38 and the Thunderball is 14.
  3. The Health Lottery Results for 28th September 2013 was hosted by Sian Welby who is a frequent host to the draw. Sian mentions that the Lotto will be increasing it's price from £1 to £2 this week and that the Health Lottery has vowed to maintain an entry fee of just £1. You can view Lotto Alternatives.

    The total amount of winners of the Health Lottery has risen to over 1.1 million people with a prize kitty exceeding £61.8 million.

    If you want to play the Health Lottery and are a new customer you can get two weeks free play - read here about getting free lottery tickets.

    The results for the Health Lottery are:

    (04), (21), (23), (24), (39) and the Bonus Ball is (14)
  4. This is the first blog post for me on this site and if you play a lottery in the UK you may find this useful. This set of results is for the Health Lottery.

    The Health Lottery for those of you who do not know what it is, it's basically a fixed jackpot lottery game designed at donating money to health related causes over England, Scotland and Wales. The Health Lottery to date has paid out over £60 million to it's 1 million plus winners. The Health Lottery Results are published twice a week, on Wednesday and Satuday at the usual time of 21:55 on Channel 5.

    The Health Lottery results for Saturday 31st August are:

    (01), (10), (16), (35), (40) and the Bonus Ball for tonight’s draw is (04)