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  1. I dunno about you but I'm fed up with the

    And it stops here...
    The internet is a great thing but it can also be a nasty confusing place especially when any Tom, Dick or Harry can knock up a Website and claim they are the Bee's Knee's at something.

    For Example
    Marketing & Sales it's nothing new and it's been around for years and the same old methods that worked way back when, guess what?

    Still work today.

    These Snake Oil salesmen are trying to convince you of new ways to do things and better ways to sell and market.

    My advice to anyone looking to grow their business is if it looks too good to be true then it probably is.

    If someone has a bright shiny object for you and they want your money then you better be sure it's going to yield a return.

    Just stick to the simple shit that works and that starts with me Simply Telling It How It Is...

    The Forgotten Ideas
    Business growth, sales and marketing are easy, its just that most people have forgotten how to do it properly.

    And furthermore these Gooroos have convinced themselves that these new bright shiny methods work.

    Don't be fooled
    Here's something for you, 16 tried and tested simple ideas to rapidly grow your business.

    They might not all work for your business but I dam sure 99% of them would do better than any bright shiny object you gotta pay for.

    Get the ideas delivered directly to your email inbox click the button below for instant access.

  2. Yep Black Friday is here and I have nothing to offer.

    Apart from this true story.

    Many years ago I was an able Seaman.

    I've clocked up many sea hours including about 10 transatlantic crossings to and from Europe & Caribbean waters.

    I've been through some horrendous storms and experienced some scary stuff.

    Crossing to Europe takes a long time and gives a man plenty of time to think.

    I used to sit my night watch navigating the Atlantic and planning goals for my future.

    I loved the 4-6am watch simply because of the sun rise, heading east into the rise is phenomenal...

    The sun rises across the Atlantic pouring sunlight into the deepest blue ocean without a ripple or breath of wind present, sometimes Dolphins come to play in the bow waves.

    Natures sheer beauty is breathtaking and a money can't buy experience.

    Anyway I digress from what I really wanted to talk about.

    Goal setting.

    Recently I've had a few personal challenges and got stuck trying to find a solution to a problem.

    And the answer came from the most unlikely source, (it always does)

    I cast my mind back to my seafaring days and my night watches.

    I found some goals I would achieve and some I wouldn't.

    I figured the one's I didn't hit were the one's far out into the future or something a little bit too big to believe in.

    I've research how the mind works and put many man hours into my findings.

    Below is my Black Friday nothing to offer offering... which is worth more that a discounted sale.

    My gift to you.

    When you are setting goals have a big picture by all means but goal but also break your goals down into 4 easy steps as follows:

    1. Pick something believable and small to practice with. (say an extra 2 new clients?)
    2. Set a timeframe no longer that 3 months into future (really important!).
    3. Break the 3 month goal down into monthly, weekly, daily, hourly.
    4. Rinse and repeat with a new goal.
    I recently had to be reminded sometimes we just need to take things hour by hour here in the now.

    Promise me you will give this ago because if nothing else this one's a life saver and so simple it's often overlooked.


    P.S. If you still struggle with the concept then drop me a message and I'll send you over a simple spread sheet you can work from to make it really easy for you. Right I'm off to spend some cash and grab a bargain.
  3. I've been working on a side project now for the last 7 months and hopefully in the next 3-4 months it will be complete.

    Don't worry this isn't a build up for a sale.

    This project isn't for you!

    It's automated and specific to a niche which will allow me to work on new projects while money passively fills my bank account.


    Recently got caught up in a forum fight which I hate doing and try my best to avoid.

    But there was something about this one that took me back to when I was project planning in month one.

    And it's all to do with search engine optimisation or SEO.

    Now loads of people get hung up on SEO and further more loads of people get it wrong and rely on it too much.

    This is an important thing I want to share with you.

    When people are in front on their computers they don't search in the way you might think they search.

    They enter fantasy world.

    Say for example someone wants to become rich.

    They may well search: How to become a millionaire or more likely they will type: I want to wake up rich!

    If they want to lose weight: How to lose weight fast or more likely: I want to wake up thin.

    This is fantasy world remember and no one is there to judge their search terms no matter how stupid.

    So have a think about that for a while.

    You only have to pop into the odd forum here and there to find what peoples pains are and you will find your search terms.

    Give it a go...


    P.S. Have a play around with some fantasy search terms applicable to your business and you will find the some big names on page 1 of Google, Why? Because they get what I'm sharing with you.
  4. But if it aint thirsty what you gonna do?

    This is the one and only time I’m ever going to tell you to give up on something.

    Trust me on this one I’ve learned the hard way.

    Sometimes there is just no helping people because they get too much out of their problem.

    Let me explain.

    Are you familiar with the term secondary gain?

    Doctors see this all the time.

    I’m not sure if you ever watch those programmes on TV where they film the patients coming and going and talking about their problems.


    It’s always the same people the ‘regulars’.

    Often there’s nothing wrong with these people other than they are fucking lonely and get off on the attention the get from the doctor.

    Sad but true.

    This is the same with everyday people and customers.

    It’s pains me when people waste time and seek advice then they do nothing and basically blame everything but themselves for the lack of progress.

    There’s a lesson here.

    ‘The Three Strike Rule’

    Meaning my rules are if someone comes to me as the expert and then choses for whatever reason not to follow my advice I will draw a line somewhere.

    If someone isn’t going to implement my advice after 3 times then I drop them.

    Ben Settle puts it right.

    You can’t save a Damsel who loves her Distress…


    Don’t go wasting your precious time on stubborn horses.

    This goes for your customers filter out the shit by following the 80/20 principle.

    Do you want more tips like this directly to your inbox?

    Then go here www.guywebb.com/lp/unorthordox-ideas Chop Chop Click Clop Click Clop

  5. This is a true story.
    I'm not sure if it's pure genius, complete stupidity or my dirty mind?


    Driving down the road the other morning in the rain, I was almost at school (dropping daughter no:3 off to school, I have four girls in total!)

    Yes it's a nightmare.


    My daughter turns around to me a says "What does Erection mean?"

    Woah I wasn't ready for that...

    Shitting myself trying the think of how I'm going to explain this one to a 11 year old girl, I catch a glimpse of something in between the wipers and the fogged up windscreen.

    And I started laughing out loud.

    The truck in front has a bright yellow sign on the back with black writing which says "Free Erections"

    And it was loaded with flat packed Sheds!!!

    Clever Marketing?

    Very possibly.

    Either way it got my attention and I needed a new shed so they got a sale from me.

    This kind of marketing is right up my street and I have marketing envy, however I do have a lot of bat-shit unorthodox ideas for those of you who want to push the boundaries and grow your business.

    Where can you get them?

    I thought you would never ask - run along here where I share all with you www.guywebb.com/lp/unorthodox-ideas

    Next time I will be talking about penetration... Gulp.

    Warm Wishes
  6. I know a man with a massive bookcase
    Full of books on Philosophy, Quantum Physics ​

    And Science.​

    I must say it looks the business (the book case) it's all custom made using fine materials, I want to say its Oak but I can't quite remember, I only remember it looks amazing.

    He's super proud of the book case, forever showing people his prized centre piece when they come around to visit.

    As I mentioned its full of really intelligent sounding books none of which I can remember nor would I understand if I read any of them.

    So here's the problem
    Neither does he understand or read the books, he claims to read and understand them but that's just his self fulfilling prophecy world he's living in a delusional prison through lack of confidence and self esteem riddle with fear about life!

    Woah how did I come to that Synopsis for his life - Just trust me on this one there's not enough time to explain his insanity here nor can I be bothered.

    The point I want to make is that it's easy to fall into the trap of buying lots of materials, books, courses, Ebooks, paid newsletters Etc.

    But none of it is of any use unless you put it into action, your book are no more than paper weights, your Ebooks taking up hard drive real estate and your paid groups burning your cash, that could be better spent elsewhere.

    Are you chasing a dream?
    I've myself have a ton of books I read and some I read often the others are boxed up and stored away or sent to charity.

    My point is don't get distracted from actually taking action.

    Take a look around today on your bookshelf or hard drive and make a point of actually completing that book then put it into action if it's of any use.

    Get my 16.5 Ideas and you will get just enough info to act upon in each email rather than being overloaded with bullshit and if it's of no use then delete it and they're free so you have nothing to complain about. chop chop get them here.
  7. I've not been sleeping well lately…

    See I've got this itch.


    It’s getting worse. Last night at 10:00pm I dosed myself up with sleeping tablets and hit the sack.

    I'm out cold.


    It’s happening again my unconscious has woken me, eyes wide open staring at the celling I can hear them scurrying around in my loft, they have tunnelled their way through the insulation with a complex highway of Mice runs.

    How do I know they’re Mice?

    Because two weeks ago I caught one of the little buggers with a trap and some Marshmallow spread. I had to find out if they were Mice or Rats!

    Thing is, these Mice are smart, apart from the one I caught early on they know how to strip a trap of:

    • Peanut butter.
    • Chocolate.
    • Chocolate spread.
    • Cheese.
    I've no idea how they do it? I trapped my finger at least 3 times setting the bloody traps up, as I said smart Mice.

    They have even worked out know how to eat the Marshmallow spread (real sticky stuff) without getting a smashed nose now.

    So, this itch I've got in my brain.

    It’s pretty much like the Mice in my loft it just won’t go away, I satisfy it a little, and then it comes back with a vengeance.

    This is how you want your customers to feel with your marketing - plant the itch and satisfy them with a solution or product.

    How do you plant the itch?

    Loads of different ways, but my preferred method is email.

    Do you wanna know more? come and find me here http://guywebb.com/lp/unorthodox-ideas and you can read my ideas.

    The Email Wise Guy
  8. I think it’s important to eat healthy and keep the body in tune, you know what they say a healthy body a healthy mind or is that the other way around? Anyway whatever…

    Even though I’m always super busy I find time to exercise and whether that's 4 miles running at lunch time or pressing some weights, I do it. No questions I just do it.


    I enjoy it.

    I've made it a habit.

    Having said all of the above I didn't much enjoy my run two days ago and I'm a little embarrassed to say it but I had forgotten to change my running kit but I wasn't going to let that get in the way of my habit.

    I can safely say I didn't smell good and I had a real bad run, I was conscious of the smell and my running partner kept his distance…

    The sweaty kit had been festering for 2 days in my bag

    What’s this got to do with marketing your small business?

    Plan, Plan, Plan… Don’t let things get so on top of you that you neglect the important things, running is important to me like marketing should be important to you if you own a business.

    If you’re too busy to market then you aint going to grow my friend. And when you do market make sure it’s not the dirty underhand tactics the Guru's want to learn you.

    Because it will feel like a bad smell hanging around your conscience!

    Read more of my blogs here www.guywebb.com/chat

    Warning: this was the cleanest blog I could put here 90% of my other are too rude for here, not that I'm proud of that it's just the way I am.