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  1. If you have a great idea that you would like to turn into a business. Or if you have a passion, hobby or interest that you have often thought could be developed into a business, would you like some free guidance or help?

    Maybe you feel frustrated at work and feel your ideas are worth more to you, rather than your employer.

    Or maybe you have received poor service and thought "I can do that better?"

    At DAA Consulting, we have created a free downloadable ebook: "A Guide to Starting and Running a Small Business", aimed specifically at budding Entrepreneurs to help them take their business idea forward.

    Please feel free to download your free copy at: http://www.daa.consulting/free-ebook/.

    Our 68 page guide, written in an easy to read format, with input from business men and women who have all started their own small business, gives a valuable insight into the world of small business.

    What is an Entrepreneur? It is generally recognised that the Attributes or Traits of an Entrepreneur are fundamentally:

    Ambition (the need to succeed),

    Creativity (always innovative),

    Tenacity (often stubborn),

    Risk Tolerant (being bold),

    Intuition (spontaneous) and

    Personality (the life and soul).

    Do you recognise any of these traits in you? If so, you could join the 4.9 million businesses already established in the UK, who between them employ 24.3 million people and have a combined turnover of £3.6 trillion.

    One of the first things needed when starting a business is an idea, but:

    Is there a market for your idea? - If yes, has it been tried before?
    Does the market currently exist? – If so, can you do better?

    To find out, it's vital that you do your research by looking online, asking friends and family and by getting help from independent business advisors.

    Worldwide, entrepreneurship is seen as a major future driver of economic growth in the economy and by being an Entrepreneur and starting your own business, you are building a future for you, your future generation and the country.

    Our free guide will help you look at ways of doing your research. It will help you to better understand what funding is available and what to consider with your marketing and sales & promotion as well as many other useful tips.

    Please feel free to visit http://www.daa.consulting/free-ebook/ and download your free copy.