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  1. B2B digital marketing spend has grown tremendously over the years, according to outsell, this spend has grown abundantly in various digital branches reaching the highest growth rate, 25%.

    The investment in social engagement continues to increase but lead generation seems to be not catching the same wavelength. Apparently, digitalization has grabbed the attention of B2B marketers remarkably, nevertheless, problems cited by B2B industry has not shrunk. The following are the most cited pain points of B2B marketers:

    • Not being solution oriented,
    • Applying analytics and
    • Measuring ROI
    Even with all the new advancement in marketing technologies, it is the humblest of all, the Email marketing that remains the most effective. Almost everyone through multiple platforms is consuming E-mail marketing and still remains extremely traceable.

    Well, that said, E-mail marketing should not be viewed as merely throwing content with a help of automated tools. A framework needs to build around. Adopting contextual targeting, matching content to prospects buying cycle, realizing prospects demographic segments, and appealing for a response and many more needs to be considered.

    As analyst Michael Balsam says, “Face to face contact is definitely needed. The danger of over digitization is real… you need to touch and feel things as part of the sales process,” To make this happen in an E-mail marketing arrangement, all you need is aPersonalized E-Mail Framework.

    Physiologically prospects feel valued, noticed and treasured when the mail sent is particularly addressing them. This formulates the Personalized E-Mail Framework. A marketer should be able to swipe this magic to get the prospects attention.

    By applying this framework marketers can target a prospect with the right solution and can easily measure his/her investment.

    To know more about Personalized E-Mail Framework, write to us at eva.jonson@movingdneedle.com
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