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What to put on a business card

Published by jonathan in the blog jonathan's blog. Views: 313

So there are approx 768,343 networking gurus, consultants, coaches etc who will spend time giving you a good telling off, looking down their noses at you and generally being smug if your business card doesn't come up to scratch.

Designing a business card is an art and if you don't have a background in design or marketing, the temptation to follow the herd and be generic is crushing. Ditto if you are a startup or have limited funds.

One thing about the design of a business card which almost everyone misses is that you have a chance to ask the person who receives it to do something.

Putting Joe Bloggs Accountant Phone 123456 is pretty lame and obviously doomed to attract zero business.

The first step up is asking someone to visit a website.

"Visit our website for free tax advice downloads" is a step up from just name and number.

What else to write on a business card?

In the second decade of the 21st Century, there are multiple ways to contact people. Do you have your own preferred methods?

Which do your customers and visitors use or prefer?

Listing your skype id is all well and good but of limited use if you are speaking to people who work on building sites all day or are out of connection (off the grid...)

If you work internationally - put the international direct dial code for your country. If you put this on - will it put OFF people who just don't plain understand it?

So lot's to think about and in the next few days and weeks, we will be featuring a series where we focus on each "candidate" for inclusion on your business card and the pros and cons of including each.

This short article originally appeared on the networking university. The online dedicated online resource to turn you into a supreme networker
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