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Snake Oil Sales Men

Published by Gwebb in the blog Gwebb's blog. Views: 558

I dunno about you but I'm fed up with the

And it stops here...
The internet is a great thing but it can also be a nasty confusing place especially when any Tom, Dick or Harry can knock up a Website and claim they are the Bee's Knee's at something.

For Example
Marketing & Sales it's nothing new and it's been around for years and the same old methods that worked way back when, guess what?

Still work today.

These Snake Oil salesmen are trying to convince you of new ways to do things and better ways to sell and market.

My advice to anyone looking to grow their business is if it looks too good to be true then it probably is.

If someone has a bright shiny object for you and they want your money then you better be sure it's going to yield a return.

Just stick to the simple shit that works and that starts with me Simply Telling It How It Is...

The Forgotten Ideas
Business growth, sales and marketing are easy, its just that most people have forgotten how to do it properly.

And furthermore these Gooroos have convinced themselves that these new bright shiny methods work.

Don't be fooled
Here's something for you, 16 tried and tested simple ideas to rapidly grow your business.

They might not all work for your business but I dam sure 99% of them would do better than any bright shiny object you gotta pay for.

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