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Organising a Move for Your Grandparents

Published by Geri Karakasheva in the blog Geri Karakasheva's blog. Views: 10941

Organising a Move for Your Grandparents.jpg

There is nothing more difficult for elderly people than the need to change homes. The combination of physical tasks, such as packing and loading all of one’s belongings, and the emotional challenges that one faces during a home removal is a huge obstacle for old people.

If your grandparents are faced with home relocation, you must be ready to offer help, as it can be near impossible for them to deal with such task. The reality is that elderly people usually require more than just professional help from London man with a van company. You must be there for them and provide the reassuring presence that only a close member of the family can. Here is what you can do to make it all easier for them:

Be positive about the move - while it’s true that most elderly people view the need to move from one home to another as sad, you must do anything possible to show them it’s not that bad. Discussing such things before you start looking for a man with van London service is imperative. Your grandparents need to have a certain positive view on the matter so that the process can be completed with ease.

Plan out the details of the move - there are so many little details that must not be overlooked when it comes to relocation. From acquiring enough boxes and properly packing them, to booking with a man and van London team to help with loading and transportation. If your grandparents are not up for such planning and organisation process, it is you that should be focusing on it then. Make a schedule and see to it that it is followed. Don’t forget that a move with elderly people will probably take longer, so don’t forget to plan well in advance.

Help them overcome the loss of some items - when it comes to removals, there is one golden rule: don’t take everything. This is especially true for elderly people, who tend to cling onto their possessions, because they are loaded with memories. Unfortunately, the more items they want to take, the harder the move becomes. Be patient but adamant on the fact that some items must be left behind. Surely some extra load will end up on the London man and van vehicle, but if you can get them to agree to reduce that amount even by little, then you have done well.

Have the elderly participate in the process as much as possible - this is not to say that you must rely on them to do large part of the lifting and loading, but you can have them do some labelling on the boxes. Involving your grandparents in the process is good because that way they won’t feel left out and powerless. Such minor and easy tasks will keep them feeling productive and less anxious.

Get help if needed - if you feel like the process is getting too overwhelming, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Book with a London man with van team to help with loading and transportation. That way you will have more time to focus on talking with your grandparents and reassure them things are going fine.
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