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Local Business Maps Listing

Published by MASSEY in the blog MASSEY's blog. Views: 630

A few years ago i used to dominate google places listings in my city. Whether someone was after an electrician in West Bromwich, a plumber in Solihull or a kitchen fitter in Birmingham, my google places listing would show up at the very top of google maps.

For some strange reason i lost all of that. My map vanished.

I lost interest in it then. I knew how to optimise a map so that it ranked well but for some peculiar reason my map vanished and my business enquiries diminished.

After ranting on the google forums today, https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!category-topic/business/need-advice/BVquIR17fuQ i suddenly realised that maps has evolved a little. It is now possible to enter longer introductions about your business and it's easier to update the mini blog and add links, bold numbers and add pictures.

I moved the business address from a house in Great Barr to a flat in Smethwick which i use as the head office address. This means that a lot of the citations for the previous business listings i entered are wrong, and will now seek to change these and update or add new business listings to correct the now out of date information.

I've just had a new logo made for C&N Property Solutions and i've been updating the website slowly.

I have a custom URL for my maps listing now, i had to add the word Birmingham to the end of the maps listing because my google plus for business had taken the URL suggested. https://plus.google.com/b/112778144462022838861/+CandnpropertysolutionsCoUkBirmingham/

I'm going to upload some logos and try and get some reviews on my C and N Property Solutions map listing and monitor the results.
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  • Francesca Sparagna
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