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Key Reasons Why Telemarketing is a Smart Business Practice

Published by TheaLewis in the blog TheaLewis's blog. Views: 299

[​IMG] Most of the business professionals have a wrong perception about telemarketing services. They thought that telemarketing is restricted to the cold calling sales activities only. However, this is not the case, telemarketing is a widely used marketing practice that has the capability to turn many opportunities into business. Telemarketing is crucial part of marketing that help your business to reach a wide audience and drive qualified sales leads.

Here is a rundown of the following ways in which you can use telemarketing to harness the significant benefits:

Appointment setting: It is one of the important reasons to use telemarketing. It doesn’t matter whether you are dealing into insurance, mortgages or real-estate industry, securing an appointment through telephone gives you the opportunity to present to a qualified lead or you can say the potential customer. It is the ideal opportunity to sit with a prospective customer and discuss their needs. In the one-to-one interaction with the client, you can understand their pain points and then present a solution how your product/ service meets their needs, resolves their issues and address their concerns that they have. Telemarketing is a cost-effective marketing technique that help your business in gaining appointments.

Following up: You have a client base who are interested in your product and services, but you didn’t secure a sale. Well, you can use telemarketing to take follow up via emails or direct mail letters. There are some businesses that don’t follow up visitors on LinkedIn or other social media platforms. If you are not following the visitors on social media channels, then you could be losing a lot of business. Following up by phone can be a great opportunity to convert prospects into lucrative business deals.

Market research: This is another very important reason for choosing telemarketing outsourcing for your business. Whether it’s a new prospect or existing customers, telemarketing service can be used effectively to gather feedback about customer service or opinions prior to a product launch or acceptance of a product in the marketplace. With the right target audience, market research conducted over phone can give you instant market intelligence and customer insights. This, in turn, help you improve your marketing campaign and provide with the list of potential customers.

List cleaning: Most of the customer data that you hold in our marketing databases, CRM systems and web app cam be inappropriate or outmoded. With the help of telemarketing services, you can clean the outdated entries from your marketing lists. This, in turn, increases the chances of getting qualified leads. A team of skilled telemarketing agents can quickly contact prospects, partners and customers to update their details and information, ask them some market research and provide promotional offers to grab their attention. In this manner, you can update the CRM database and approach prospective customers who are interested in your offerings.

Event promotion: Telemarketing is an important marketing technique to promote an event in order to outreach a wide audience and create brand awareness. If you are planning an event and want people to attend the event, then outsourcing telemarketing services for this purpose is a sure-shot way of getting delegates to book their place. Whether it is webinar, corporate event or any expo, telemarketing prove to be an efficient option to reach your market audience.

Reaching existing customers: It is important yet often overlooked source of sales, revenue and opportunity. There is no denial to the fact that existing customers will be much easier to convert than new prospects. The simple reason behind this is they know your brand, trust your brand and have already bought from you in the past. Reaching your existing customers is important to drive leads. Telemarketing professionals can upsell, cross sell and build strong relationship with your old customers to increase their life time value.

In the bottom line

Telemarketing can be a very effective and result-driven technique that helps you in boosting your marketing efforts and drive sales. With this, you can acquire new customers as well as reinforce the relationship with the existing ones. So, choosing telemarketing outsourcing is a good idea to spread your brand awareness and increase the sales pipeline. Always choose a reliable call centre company that offer excellent telemarketing solutions.

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