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How to move your wordpress website to a new host

Published by Adam H in the blog Search Engine Marketing Blog. Views: 127

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This could be considered to be shooting one’s self in the foot, as we’ve gained hundreds of clients over the years because there wasn’t clear instructions in a step by step format to move WordPress from one server, to another properly without the usage of backup plugins. Although backup plugins may suit some people to me they are a complete nightmare, businesses rely on these plugins without checking the backups on a regular basis, only to find out that the backups are corrupt or never actually worked in the first place. Following the instructions in this “how to” will teach you how to save your site and database to your computer ( for safe keeping ) and reupload the files and database to your new host.

So, lets get started. FTP!

I always recommend using an FTP client over a host provided web based file editor. There are some great FTP programs out there that allow you to upload and download files to your server/host. One of my favourites is Filezilla which can be downloaded here : https://filezilla-project.org/download.php

Once you have opened your FTP client, entered your server/host details and have found your WordPress install, it should look similar to this :


Everything in the above folder ( the main WordPress root folder that contains folders such as wp-admin, wp-content ) you need to download to your computer, often easy to create an empty folder on your computer and put all the files into that folder, you should also have your new server/host setup and the new FTP open ready to use. You may now upload all of the files you just downloaded to your new host.

Now all the files are download and uploaded, its time to get your database from the old host/server. We like to do this manually again rather than using any plugin.

Downloading your database from phpmyadmin
(We use cpanel with the images captured below, but if your host uses something different you may need to locate things slightly differently to the images outlined )

Login to your hosts cpanel account, normally accessed via browsing to your domain such as ( yourdomain.com/cpanel )

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