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How to end a conversation

Published by jonathan in the blog jonathan's blog. Views: 284

Almost all networking training tells you how to start a conversation. I even wrote a post about it. But how to END a conversation at a networking event.

Why would you want to do this ?
Well it's probably the rudest thing you could possibly do - look over someones shoulder and/or around the room to see if these is someone more interesting to talk to.

So, here are a few ways to end a conversation (NOT all of these are serious).

"Please excuse me, I need to go to the ladies/gents"
"Shall I get us both another drink?" (Don't wait for the answer - just head to the bar).
"Please excuse me, my friend has just arrived and he/she is new to this group. Can I just go to see if they are OK?"(Note, this assumes you have some friends).
"Sorry, this conversation is boring. Goodbye" (To be used only in emergencies).
"Sorry a nice girl/guy has just come in and need to go and be all macho/giggly now"
"Ok thanks for that, I will give you a ring. I am sure we both need to speak to other people"
"You are the weakest link. Goodbye"
Get your phone out and start fiddling with it. (95% of people do this anyway) and pretend you have a call to take.
(Reading from delegate list)"Do you know Mr Accountant-Jones? I must introduce you"
"Your business card is boring. Mine is much better"

Do YOU use any of these?

This short post was brought to you by the networking university from Sharp End Training.
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