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How to add value and make your customer feel appreciated

Published by AppyOffer in the blog AppyOffer's blog. Views: 411

A happy customer is a really valuable customer. As a business your aim should be to make every customer have a happy experience and feel valued. This way they are more likely to become a repeat customer (which we already know is a valuable customer) and also more likely to do your marketing for you and shout your praises to family and friends. Read on to find out how to add value to the customer experience and make them feel appreciated.

Firstly, added value is something that happens in addition to the status quo. So first of all you need to set the status quo. This should be the standard level of customer service and quality of product that you deliver to your customers. And the status quo should provide customer satisfaction and be a positive experience anyway, you should always be striving to provide a quality experience. Only then should you think about adding to this experience. So if you’re receiving negative customer feedback or your customer retention numbers are low, find out why and make some positive changes before you look at adding value to the customer experience.

Added value should be an addition to the status quo so don’t try to trick a customer into making them feel valued when what you’re offering them is standard anyway. For example, do you offer free delivery on every order as standard? If so, this is part of your company’s general package rather than being an added value experience. A customer will call you out and feel duped if they see that something you’ve been telling them is ‘special’ is actually just standard. Think about something that could add value such as free next day delivery to repeat customers.

A great way to add value to the customer experience is to make it a personal experience. Use their name when communicating with them, reward them on a special occasion such as their birthday, remind them if subscriptions or repeat purchases are due, create a special offer for their most regular purchase etc. This way, the customer feels like you know them and they feel valued. And value leads to loyalty.

You can also learn a lot about your own business from your customers. Regularly ask them about your business, what they use it for, the experience they have, what you can do to improve and other ideas they have. And really listen to this, they’re the ones who are keeping you afloat after all. If you can make the changes that they suggest or add the products they want, they’ll really appreciate that you’ve listened to their needs and they’ll almost feel like a valued member of your business’ team. They’ve also defined what they see as added value to your regular experience and so by implementing their suggestions, you’ve immediately added the value for them.

Do you do anything special to add value to your customers’ experience and make them feel appreciated? Let me know by commenting below
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