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Don’t spread your marketing net too widely, niche markets are good!

Published by Adam H in the blog Search Engine Marketing Blog. Views: 495

It is only natural to want to set your marketing strategy for your business to as wide an audience as possible, especially in the early days. The idea that just a small percentage of enquiries from a large audience could change your business sounds good in principle but how does that work out in practice?

The idea of marketing to niche markets or general markets will depend entirely upon your type of business but sometimes it is more worthwhile to dominate a niche market as opposed to being a small player in a large market.


1. Marketing strategy: Targeted marketing
It has been proven time and time again that the scattergun approach to online/off-line marketing does not necessarily bring the rewards you might expect. In many cases you will end up marketing your products/services to individuals and companies who have limited if any interest in what you have to offer. They may visit your site out of curiosity but from the outset there is likely little chance they will actually buy anything from you. Your traffic figures look good, it looks as though your site has been “noticed” but what is the bottom line? You need to convert as much of your traffic as possible to actual sales to be successful.

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