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Display the Last Modified Date of your Posts in WordPress

Published by Adam H in the blog Search Engine Marketing Blog. Views: 123

If you are searching for this solution you will know that Google loves fresh content and WordPress by default doesn’t allow modified date preference. Rewriting older content making it more relevant to the current time period is a great way to keep your site fresh, relevant and factually correct. This isn’t only great for your site but also presents a possible SEO boost for date based content, evergreen content which requires regular factual statements to be correct and above all it’s great for user experience.

Most people believe that simply placing a modified date on the post is enough to let Google know a bit of content has been update, and why shouldn’t it ?. But that unfortunately isn’t the case, although your sitemap will show a modified date to an updated post, the post will still show its “published date” like in the below image. The only way Google will show the “updated” time stamp in SERPs is if its the ONLY date shown on the page. This poses a problem for most WordPress sites because the modified date is very rarely included on any theme or template by default ( unless you have a custom theme by us ).

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