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Disaster recovery plan if the unthinkable was to happen in business!

Published by Adam H in the blog Search Engine Marketing Blog. Views: 340

There are entrepreneurs around the world who have spent many years building up their businesses who refuse to give up any degree of control over their operations. When you bear in mind the competitive nature of the online business arena today perhaps there is a justifiable reason why many entrepreneurs have difficulty trusting or finding someone who has the same level of passion for what they do. However, have you ever thought what might happen if for some reason you were unable to work?

Not being able to work maybe the doomsday scenario but if you have others such as a family depending on you, then you need to consider this issue at some point.


Business backup plan
How many entrepreneurs know in the back of their minds that they should have a written backup plan if they are unable to work for a considerable time in the future? Now the big question, how many have put in place a detailed and easy to follow instruction guide if somebody else needs to take over at short notice? The likelihood is this is one of the tasks that entrepreneurs like to

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