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  • jonathan
    One of my earliest memories from this time of year is the January sales. With the state of the world economy, the whole retail thing seems to swing between a state of permanent rip off and permanent sale status.

    Anyways, for reader under the age of about 25, the world would work like this at this time of year.

    Up to Christmas, prices would be jacked up as high as possible.

    Then, as soon as the Christmas period was over - the January sales would start.

    And by sale, I mean HUGE slashing discounts. I recall scenes of hysteria in central London stores shown on TV news programs. People pushing each other out of the way to get a handbag or some jeans from a specific manufacturer.

    A sort of 20th Century version of an apple, Microsoft or google launch.
    So what about our January sale?

    We have picked out a series of products that we think fit the January Sale bill exactly.

    Over the next few days, we will be unveiling stunning discounts and never to be repeated offers. One blog post a day.

    These products will be discontinued and some of them WILL NEVER be available again. They will be defunct, finished, desupported and removed from our inventory.
    So what is first up in our January sale?

    First up in our January sale is our "Marketing Basics" training course.
    If you are a start up or new business, then the marketing basics is for you. Assuming you know nothing about marketing, this online training will walk you through working out what EXACTLY you sell and WHO you want to sell it to. Dealing with the pitfalls of each and helping you to work out the best plan of action to PROPEL YOUR business upwards in 2012.

    So to get this SUPERB training (which will NOT be available again) for just £5 - jump over to the marketing basics site.

    Create marketing materials that REALLY work
  • jonathan
    The other day, we posted this article about domains.

    But I realised that maybe, the cart had gone before the horse. Most people can be forgiven for not knowing their .biz from their .mobi extensions.

    Plus the domain registrar companies aren’t going to bend over backwards to explain all the details to you. So we will…

    All the top business strategists talk consistently about brand and personal branding. What is little talked about is the value of a domain in your brand.

    The domain is the www people type in to get to your website and it really should be the corner stone of your business.

    So which domain to buy and why?

    (Of course you are free to register which ever domain you want and I won’t be there holding your hand on the mouse as you press the “buy” button – so use you own judgement).


    is obviously the heavyweight of the domain world. It’s been around the longest, people trust it. The thing to remember though is that in a few years time, the internet will still be here and .com’s (especially short ones) will be a scarce resource.

    Short, pronouncable .com’s are almost all taken already.


    Is usually referred to as the second level behind .com. Like .com they are respected and still freely available. They were originally intended for network & IT professionals but that is no longer the case.

    Get a .net domain but be careful if the .com has been taken and be even more careful if it has been developed into a site. Your customers and visitors maybe confused.


    .org (or .org.uk) domains are usually used by non profit making organisations and charities.

    If you plan on developing some sort of advice site then .org would be a perfect choice.


    .biz domains are aimed at business owners and business pure and simple. If you are a business, a .biz is a good choice.


    These are relatively new and can be cheaper to register than other top level domains. They don’t carry the same “weight” as the other extensions mentioned already.


    .tv is actually the top level domain for the tiny pacific Island country of Tuvalu. The country sold the rights to the domain and invested the money in the infrastructure if the country.

    .tv domains are generally more expensive than most top level domains but if you have a video, film or TV related business, they are an ideal choice.


    These are intended for use with mobile devices and not generally to be used on a top level development site.

    There are other domain extensions which are marketed heavily by domain registrars – but remember, you are spending real money.

    This short article originally appeared on the Sharp End Training blog. Sharp End Training are aiming to be the world's number one online training company.