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Welcome new member - please read!

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Mark, Mar 19, 2009.

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    Mark Moderator Staff Member

    Jul 6, 2008
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    United Kingdom
    Hello and welcome to UK Business Labs. :)

    Please enjoy your stay. If you have any questions at all about the board (no matter how trivial it seems) please don't hesitate to get in touch.


    Please take a look in Reception for general rules.

    Please note guidelines on signature links and pay particular attention to Multiple Accounts / Ghostwriters / SEO / Third Parties).

    See also Features & Tips for handy hints on how to make the most of this powerful business network (including tips on how to get exposure on other social media platforms via UKBL).

    If you are new to 'message boards' or forums and are unsure of how to use them, please click the FAQ link which is on the grey bar above.


    UK Business Labs' mission is to facilitate networking and discussion amongst business owners. It is not provided as a platform for spammers, link droppers and snake oil salesmen to hawk their wares. We're sure you don't want that either! :)

    Direct, overt advertising is facilitated here but in order to provide a quality networking environment for all members, threads of a promotional/commercial nature should be started in the designated areas only and with appropriate membership level.

    Regardless of membership level, you are more than welcome to reply to a thread with a quick plug and a link to your site if the thread is (or develops into) a request for services by the original poster (OP) or is a relevant offer which will assist them directly with their query. This is how business networks work!

    Signatures, Links, Anti-spam & Messaging:

    By default, as an anti-spam measure, you'll be unable to use the private messaging system until you've posted.

    Please help the community to grow by posting at least every now and then. The more you post, the higher your profile, the more likely people will remember and refer you and the more you will sell! It's a business networking fact!

    Once you have five posts, feel free to add a Home Page Link to your profile and add a Signature too. Post often and your signature space will do the work for you! However, please consider introducing yourself first. UK Business Labs is a networking site, not just a free link! :)

    So, what about you?:

    Why not break the ice by posting an introduction? Tell us about you and your business - we're looking forward to meeting you. You don't have to post straight away of course - by all means spend some time getting used to the board and how it all works.

    Get posting!

    Here are just a few reasons why it's good to post and contribute to the discussions regularly. You can:

    • Share knowledge and engage with your potential client base.
    • Demonstrate expertise in your subject matter and build credibility.
    • Gain knowledge (and competitive advantage) by asking questions.
    • Increase and maintain visibilty to your fellow networkers.
    • Increase and maintain visibilty to the search engines.
    • Increase your site traffic (use of signature).
    • Find new prospects.
    Keep up to date with what your industry peers are up to.

    Even more benefits:

    Finally, at some point you may wish to consider Premium Membership. This brings you and your business all the benefits and networking tools listed here. Annual membership - only £20 - equates to just £1.66 per month which is fantastic value. Quarterly / bi-annual payment options are also available.

    For now though, please just enjoy the chat!

    See you soon!

    Emma & Mark
    The UK Business Labs Team :)

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