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UKBL Moderating Policy

Discussion in 'Lab Rules, Guidelines, Policies' started by Maevla, Nov 16, 2014.

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    Maevla Administrator Staff Member

    Jul 26, 2014
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    UKBL Moderating Policy

    One of the strengths of UKBL is that it is lightly moderated. Members are encouraged to post actively and freely as a diversity of opinion and information is a strength in a forum. All that we ask is that the few rules that we have (Read the Rules Here) are observed and members are aware of different levels of ‘sensitivity’ in members; one person’s ‘robust challenge’ can be perceived as ‘bullying or trolling’. The moderators who are experienced forum members, will generally adopt a passive role as they expect members to resolve differences between themselves and build constructive relationships with each other.

    Three Strikes and Out Model

    Strike 1. If a moderator is concerned that a member is breaking the forum rules, they will drop the member a private message referring to the relevant rule and asking them to observe it (as they may not have been aware of the rule).

    Strike 2. If there is a further breach, a moderator is likely to repeat the request for observation of the relevant rule but this time it will be in public on the forum (it is important that the majority of forum members are aware that moderation does take place).

    Strike 3. A third breach will lead to the member being banned from the forum, and a moderator will refer to the forum administrator/owner before implementing this sanction. Once banned, the administrator/owner shall take such steps as are necessary to prevent an individual re-joining using a different email or sign on name.

    Throughout the above process a member may appeal to the forum administrator/owner if they feel a moderation decision is inappropriate. The administrator/owners decision will be final.
    After Strike 1 and Strike 2 - behaviour in-line with the rules for a month will see the record cleared and any further infringements will start again with Strike 1. However members who receive more than six Strikes in a twelve month period may be banned, as persistent low level infringements discourage other members from joining in and drain the energy from moderators, who are largely volunteers.”
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