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Uk Business Forums has a big conflict management problem

Discussion in 'The Cake and Coffee House' started by Hospitality_King, Nov 27, 2016.


    Hospitality_King Applicant

    Nov 27, 2016
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    Been wanting to talk about these guys for some time, and cant hold back anymore - somethings got to be done about forum heavy-handiness - but Ukbf, like Webmasterworld, is brutal both in moderation terms and the in-fighting that goes on. I used to run a forum (still own it today) so know all the tricks and conflict hassles from members - known to man

    Joined Ukbf about 2 months ago, and the intention was to help out a bit by advising on website promotion. My aim was to expose the bad side of Seo, then talk/advise on how to get huge traffic to a website, first posts went well then at the post #100, 3 members in particular began slating my knowledge, which decended into name calling and out ad out bullying - so I reported a few members, one backed off, then 2 more came in for the kill, so I copied some of the posts as evidence:

    Hospitality_King said:

    Elliotte26 was one of the first instigators to attack:

      1. Elliotte26 replies:

        and that was the start of things to come. I tried to bring it back on track a few times but gave up due to the hammering from the other 3 members, who all desperately cling onto their promotion/revenue lifeline that is Ukbf I ofcourse did the right thing by reporting the bullies, and on 26/11 got a bashing of some dude called Search Angel about me being an 'idiot and ass' - so reported him for this, only to be banned:

        but no explanation of why the ban took place - what for reporting members that called me names? I have other evidence too, but I quit collecting it from there, not that there's a shortage of it - know what I mean...

        They then clicked on the obligatory Vbulletin forum defences - the general access one where it acts like theres a loading error (when there isn't), then it gave me access so I posted requesting a url from Search Angel, reported him for conflict and next day I was banned - so they went straight to a ban - not a strike??

        I sure that Ukbf desperately want to protect their paying members - but most of them aren't paying for squat anyway. The members mis-read and selectively choose certain text to use as ammunition - the conflict is just so bad there now - I had to say something.

        Am sure there is a buddy buddy system going on there, with even some Moderators protecting certain members - for personal gain no doubt.​
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    Employment Law Clinic

    Employment Law Clinic Graduate

    Apr 11, 2009
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    UKBF was once a tightly, but very fairly & loosely, moderated, decent site, allowing for its purpose/target - discussions among generally thick-skinned business owners, or those aspiring to enter that field...

    and then the in-house moderator (I think it was Emma or similiar) left, and it had the pleasure of young Henry controlling the moderation. Henry's policy: ban anyone that dares to speak out against UKBF, or even speak in tones that don't drool adoration for UKBF or all its members, and only ever posting in the most respectful venacular possible. Many useful & long-established members got banned under the reign of Henry.

    Henry's reign was followed by another young chap (Dan), who didn't seem to do much at all, except try to justify why the site was cluttered with nonsense, and why the new software didn't work, but couldn't be fixed (unless members ran a hack in their browsers individually, changing something like one line of code - too much for the forum to do). He's since replaced by Kat. Now Kat has new policies altogher: if you reply to a post that's more than ten minutes old, the post is locked, and you get told publicly not to do it again; no idea if you also get banned for having the audacity not to have noticed that a thread is more than a few minutes old.

    Through the years of the transition, the forum has become awful to use (on any device), bloated with paid-for spam, and the boards get filled with unmoderated spam - as most of the moderators have gone (including me).

    I wouldn't describe the moderation as anything of a buddy system. To the contrary, the mods - at least the old hands (who aren't seen anymore) - used to be free to moderate, would simply get on with the job, and would discuss only the most awkward cases, then without favour. But in more recent years, the site managers seem to have taken more control, and strikes would be handed-out like candy.

    Overall, I think UKBF is slowly killing itself - although I'm sure anyone in the know would assure us that the whole forum & wider business is doing just fine, and the forum as it once was has simply been sacrificied for the greater benefit of Sift (which of course they're perfectly entitled to do).

    It would be nice to see the Labs take up the position once commanded by UKBF, but historical reasons deter some of the most-established on UKBF; there's been a lot of dissemination of UKBF members to specialist forums; and quite simply, this place is dead too - a great shame, as the current owner/moderation could & would allow it to be the place the UKBF users once enjoyed, and still aspire for.

    I would still hope this site can gain popularity/activity, but I think the bulk of people have been lost to the bowels of the web, rather than concentrating anywhere particular, and the Labs just need to get recognised, found in the search engines, and get active to pick up the baton. I hope it does, as UKBF sucks these days, although we all find our way back there, as it's still more active than here.

    Karl Limpert

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