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The Legal Stop Introduces an Innovative New Service: The Request a Template Service

Discussion in 'Press Releases (read guidelines first)' started by thelegalstop, Jan 6, 2013.


    thelegalstop Senior Lab Tech

    Jun 28, 2012
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    London, UK
    The new Request a Template service by The Legal Stop is a welcome solution to many people who search online for specific document templates but they cannot find what they are looking for. The new request a template service allows people to obtain the templates they need within 48 hours by simply filling in a short form: Request a Template Service Form

    “Our templates are written in plain English and can be bought individually and/or by the folder. Our document templates are low-cost and time effective; by using the Request a Template Service the template made available will reflect the same characteristics as our existing templates and no extra charges will be added” says Tony Alcock, Marketing Director.
    People who need templates currently not available in the comprehensive portfolio of documents of The Legal Stop now they can just fill in a short form indicating their needs. The requests are promptly processed and the requested templates are made available online within 48 hours.

    The Request a Template Service is an addition to the several online legal services the company already provides. The Legal Stop provides diverse online legal services like Fixed Fee Legal Advice from UK Solicitors and Barristers, Fixed Fee Document Drafting and Legal and Business Document Templates. The company started back in the days offering legal document templates and now it has associated with few selected law firms and has expanded its portfolio of services by providing diverse legal solutions all on a fixed fee basis.

    The legal and business document templates offered fall into five categories: Employment Documents, Business Documents, Corporate and HR-Health and Safety Documents. The portfolio of templates is constantly increasing, at present there are over 300templates available online for download. In addition the company also offers Free Templates available for immediate download to anyone wishing to use them.

    “The Legal Stop aims at making the law and provision of legal services accessible and transparent to people and businesses alike”, says Tony Alcock, Marketing Director.

    This is evidenced by the vast array of document templates and the several online legal services offered all at an affordable fixed fee basis. The new Request a Template Service is a welcome addition to the current range of services, it stems from the awareness that sometimes people specific needs are not easily met in a time and cost effective manner and it aims at rectifying this position.

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