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Small business owners get FREE websites

Discussion in 'Press Releases (read guidelines first)' started by jonathan, Nov 30, 2012.


    jonathan Trainee Lab Tech

    Jan 6, 2011
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    Sheffield based, Sharp End Training launch a new service for micro and small business owners struggling to get a website online.

    The service allows people with little or no technical skills to upload all the required content for their site, text, logos, graphics etc into a specially designed form.

    The Sharp End Training team will then crunch all this information in the specific template chosen by the customer, 24 hours later, the site is ready. Although the process does require some human input, the Sharp End Training team are confident this has been reduced to the minimum - meaning savings can be passed on to the customer.

    To keep costs to a bare minimum, customers will be able to choose from several pre prepared templates hand picked to be clean and functional. The service is available is THREE price points including a TOTALLY FREE option.

    Sharp End Training Chief Executive Jonathan Senior said "After talking to people in our partner organisations, we think our solution plugs a real gap. There are lots of people out there who need to be focused on running their businesses and getting customers and sales. Instead, they tell us they are wasting time learning used once skill. Our solution solves this problem for them"

    "We looked at what the budget airlines are doing - that is stripping the process to the bare bones and simply replicated this for the web" he added

    More details of the site in 24 hours service can be found at Your site in 24 hours : sharp-end-training.biz

    Sharp End Training have been designing their own websites site 2002 and have developed a process for putting sites together quickly and easily with a minimum of fuss. They are currently virtual training department for Brighton Business Club in the UK and The WOW Network Alliance in the USA.

    Find more at About : The Sharp End Training Information site

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