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Should I use a HR Consultancy Service?

Discussion in 'Employment & HR' started by AmotheJamo2, Jun 30, 2017.


    AmotheJamo2 AdnanKhanage

    Mar 16, 2017
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    Hey everyone,

    My name is Adnan and I'm the Marketing and Operations Manager at an agency in the West Midlands. We are looking to expand quite rapidly in the next two quarters and our CEO has tasked me with improving our HR System.

    However, this is definitely not my area of expertise so I've been browsing some UK based HR Consultancy companies. I've come across a company called Phase 3 Consultancy who look like a good prospect but does anyone have any other recommendations. I want to have at least 3 options so I can make an informed decision!

    Also, is the service these consultants provide worth the investment or is improving our HR Systems something I could adequately do myself with a bit of research?

    Thanks in advance!
    Employment Law Clinic

    Employment Law Clinic Graduate

    Apr 11, 2009
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    Hi Adna,

    I may be able to help, offer the services of my company – Employment Law Clinic – but I think it would be useful first to understand what you mean by “improving our HR System”.

    The company you mention you’re looking at appear to offer HR Information Systems – typically cloud-based systems where you can record all details of all your staff. I have clients that use these, but I’ve never seen the benefits of them, and they seem to become little more than a cloud-based means of requesting & approving annual leave, and recording sick leave; occasionally a few more staff details will be held too, but not often everything that the service can provide… probably because managers are capable of simply monitoring & managing staff, keeping a record of notes where these can be accessed by those that would need them, and can’t be bothered to upload (often duplicating) every note or letter to a cloud-based system too. (A folder system on the desktop, Staff Files/Employee A, Employee B, Employee C/Disciplinary Warnings, etc seems to work just fine.)

    If instead you want to have robust employment contracts, a staff handbook, and a guide for managers, that’s something entirely different – but would be an improvement to an ad hoc HR system.

    And if you want a remote HR advisory service, someone your managers can consult for advice & help with the preparations for a disciplinary hearing or how to deal with a flexible working request, that sort of thing, that’s something different again.

    (I can assist with the latter two, but not a HRIS. I’m familiar with BreathHR, but can’t say what features it offers for better or worse (or price) compared to the service you’ve already found.

    One thing you need to be cautious with if considering an advisory service is how long the contract would last for, what the cancellation terms are. Some of these can be extremely restrictive, possibly tying you into a five-year contract, with very odd cancellation terms – miss the notice, and you automatically renew for another five years. At the other extreme, Employment Law Clinic only ever offer one-month rolling contracts, so you can cancel at anytime.)

    Karl Limpert

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