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Sheffield training company hosts New Zealand business speaker of the year

Discussion in 'Press Releases (read guidelines first)' started by jonathan, Nov 8, 2012.


    jonathan Trainee Lab Tech

    Jan 6, 2011
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    Contact: Jonathan Senior
    Telephone: 01909772729

    Sharp End Training announces latest webinar with New Zealand Business speaker of the year

    Sharp End Training are delighted to announce the latest in their “Tuesday’s webinar” series.
    A webinar (seminar on the web) is an interactive presentation where the audience can hear the speaker and watch the expert and make comments and ask questions.

    Sharp End training the first world wide training company will be presenting “How to start 2013 with a full diary” on Tuesday 13th October with guest speaker Bill James in conversation with Sharp End Training Chief Executive Jonathan Senior
    “Bill is one of the most in demand speakers in the world and we are very lucky to have booked him.” said Chief Executive Jonathan Senior.
    “ While most training companies are looking at working with other local providers and presenters within close proximity” said Jonathan “ We are looking out to the world of possibilities the web has opened up to us.”
    Mr Senior continued “Even better than that – Although he is in New Zealand - Bill has agreed to get up at a silly time so the event is at a UK/US friendly time…”
    About Tuesdays webinar
    The Sharp End Training “Tuesday webinar” has a programme of events featuring guest speakers from around the world, all of whom are eager to take part in the webinar which takes place on Tuesdays at 5 o’clock p.m UK time. Previous guests have included FT published authors and high profile business speakers.
    About Sharp End Training
    Sharp End Training is headquartered in Sheffield England and has licensed country leaders in the USA, Netherlands, India and Russia.
    In the last 2 years, they have build from the ground up, the first worldwide virtual training company and are virtual training department for a number of organisations in the US & UK. They are currently virtual training department for Brighton Business Club and New Directions Partnership (both UK) and The WOW network alliance (US)

    About Bill James
    Bill James is the current New Zealand business speaker of the year. His years of practical experience span retail and door to door, to selling in the insurance, finance and mortgage industry to negotiating multinational multimillion dollar contracts. In roles up to National Sales Manager, Bill has beaten personal sales targets by 400% and quadrupled businesses.
    Bill is an inspiring, humorous and content driven speaker with decades of business and training experience behind him. With many industry sales
    awards to his credit, Bill is recognised as a speaker and trainer in the area of finding new clients, making the sale, cementing the client relationship. And maximizing marketing opportunities. Bill’s efforts often see increases in sales in the 100’s of percent.

    Guests can sign up for free at http://www.tuesdayswebinar.com

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