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Looking to build our PR portfolio so we are offering...

Discussion in 'Bargains, Freebies, Vouchers & Competitions' started by deren_stevens, Jul 15, 2013.


    deren_stevens Applicant

    Jul 9, 2013
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    Thanks, Spock. Your sentiments are appreciated :)

    I never meant this to be and also don't take this as a circumstance where people need to take sides. Although I don't agree with his assessment of me, ISS is entitled to his opinion. I have undertaken to respond in a way that I felt was best, but in reading Getrichquickexp's post... I will further clarify.

    Regardless of a client's size or budget, we try to keep costs down as much as possible. We can (have and do) help companies pursue more traditional forms of advertising such as commercial air time (and the creation of their commercials themselves). We have in-house printing services and design services, so we can print pretty much anything a company would like (business cards, flyers, mailers, magazines, business materials, etc...). We conducted many direct mail campaigns. We also utilise options available through the Internet, such as press releases, social media campaigns, online promotion, etc...

    Because it's so much cheaper to advertise online and carry out social media campaigning, we like to utilise this and our clients appreciate that we try to keep their costs down. Whilst we do much more than just press release creation, we do specialise in this. We feel that a strong, newsworthy press release helps build a lot of credibility. We focus on keeping them newsworthy so that they are reprinted and shared... we love it when others help us do the advertising. :)

    To give an illustration of one campaign we have recently undertaken:

    We have a client who is well established in the UK, and who is expanding and will shortly be opening an office in the US. We have prepared a 12-month advertising/PR campaign for them. A large part of their campaign includes online advertising and social media campaigning, but that is just a piece of the puzzle.

    Part of their strategic launch also includes building their credibility through the media. As part of this effort, we have established a number of celebrity endorsements. We have also contacted hundreds of members of the press, bloggers, etc... and to these people we have sent samples asking for reviews. Because of this effort, the product will be featured on a few short TV segments, reviewed in over 40 publications (magazines specific to their industry, local magazines and publications and blogs specific to their industry).

    We've also put together a B2B campaign. Through this we have put together materials to send to prospective retailers and distributors. We've contacted many of them already via email, phone and mail. Larger distributors and retailers, we've contacted direct by phone and sent samples.

    There is more, but I believes this gives a pretty good view of what one specific campaign we design can entail. Some companies only want a specific product from us like a press release or help in creating a mobile website and app. Some want a combination of services. We're happy to help with whatever a client wants.

    I'll admit, I'm new to the forum, and it threw me a little when I started getting some of the questions/responses that I have. However, I've come to think that this has been a great opportunity for me to show what we do (even if I feel a bit like a bug under microscope).

    Is our approach going to be one that everyone likes? No. But if you're reading this, and you like our approach, then maybe you'll remember me when you're thinking of how you can market your product or service... and I think that's great. And... we are still taking applications for our '5 free marketing campaign' contest. So if you're interested, then PM me:

    All you need to do is PM me with your:
    • company name
    • website
    • contact name
    • phone number
    • email address
    • Answer the following questions: Why do you want to take part in a PR campaign? What kinds of PR efforts have you undertaken in the past and why was it effective (or ineffective)? What do you think are the elements of a successful marketing campaign?

    Also, Getrichquickexp... would you mind sending me a pm with the above info? Thanks!

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