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i have start new business

Discussion in 'Business Planning' started by smithgayle, Jul 26, 2017.


    smithgayle Applicant

    Jul 21, 2017
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    i have a start new business of human resource.what is planing about my new and small business can any man telling me.

    quadrapay Applicant

    Oct 29, 2017
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    Congratulations for starting a new business. I will try to share my views about the human resource industry and how you can maximize your earning potential in the same.

    Human resource consultants work as a bridge between corporations and job seekers. The companies send the job description to the consultant and the consultant's responsibility is to identify the right resource for the organization.

    Manpower consultants utilize multiple online tools that help them to handle both the aspects of the business.

    Finding corporations that are looking forward to getting new resources.

    Finding resources that are capable enough to match the expectations of the corporations

    I will try to discuss both the above mentioned key responsibilities of any human resource consultant.

    1:- Finding Companies

    Getting associated as an HR consultant with Corporations is the first step that you should take. You can find companies that may want to hire you as human resource Consultants by using the following tools.

    Job sites

    Companies that post job requirements on job portals are the first to target. You should not target all the companies but should target only those companies that may be interested in working with you. The factors may involve your experience in the specific industry and your location.

    Once you identify the names of the corporations that are your prospect then you can utilize LinkedIn to contact the human resource managers or the sourcing heads at these corporations.

    You can send them a gentle email asking for an appointment over the phone to discuss the possibility of you becoming the preferred human resource management consultant for the company. You should include your company profile and also a link to your professional website.

    Most of the time you will get a positive response from these human resources expert. Once you have the positive response offer them to sign an agreement that will work as the terms of service. Make sure you include No-Poaching and On-Time payment clauses in the agreement.

    Once the agreement is done then the corporation will send you the job description for the available possession.

    2:- Finding Resources

    Now you can use different job portals to identify the right resource as per the job description.

    Make sure you match the expectations in terms of service delivery and monetary benefits before connecting both the parties. Basically, you have to do the Gap Analysis.

    You must advise the job seeker to get maximum information about the Corporation before they face the interview.

    As a responsible consultant, you should check all the documents and credentials of the job seekers before connecting them to the Corporation. You can also hire background research companies to help you with the Research Part.

    Bonus:- How to Make money working as an HR Consultant?

    How you make money when you run a Job Portal or Human Resource Consultancy

    There are multiple ways by which you can make money running this business.

    • The first way is to get paid by the corporation after every successful placement.

    • The second way is to offer job posting facility on your website and collect payment for the subscription.

    • The Third way is to offer Resume modification services that can be used by the job seekers.

    We work with multiple human resource companies that use our Payment Gateway for Job Portals and Resume services. Based on our experience this is a high revenue generation business if done properly. it takes time for the returns to come but they keep coming for a very long time.

    All the very best to you

    Ashutosh Freshman

    Oct 25, 2017
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    To begin with smart business ideas conceive of the products or services that will be offered and then construct a place to bring potential customers to view your wares. After that, the presentation must be appealing enough for those customers to want to make those products or services their own.

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