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How to connect with sole traders?

Discussion in 'Business Advice for Start-ups' started by geek84, Mar 6, 2018.


    geek84 Freshman

    Jan 24, 2014
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    Good Morning Folks

    I am thinking of starting up a bookkeeping business and want to offer my services to sole traders (sometimes called one man businesses).

    Could someone be kind enough to advice me how I can connect / get in touch with sole traders?

    Thanks in advance

    kbos2hm Applicant

    Apr 3, 2014
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    1. Get a website built nothing too expensive with a blog.
    2. Get a Google my business account set up.
    3. Get some business cards wrote up.
    4. Ask around family members, friends ask them if they
    can refer business your way.
    5. with any of the above write some case study's up.

    I saved x £800 this year
    I saved y a fine for not returning his assessment in on time.

    This will get you started on a path of getting customers.

    Now because you have started the above and you are starting to build
    a reputation.

    6. Attend network meetings these do work listen more talk less it might
    take 4 or 5 meetings but you will win a customer.

    7. Pay for a catalog of names and addresses of new businesses on the
    web that are local to you.

    8. Get a leaflet made up and send them leaflets out using the above list.

    Include something that people can bite on make them want to use you.

    9. Since now you have a few customers push a few adds out with Google
    ad-words you can usually get £75 free if you spend so much. Use the
    express version to start with.

    10. sponsor something local to amplify you reach of people

    This should get you pretty much started with getting customers.
    You could easy make a USB stick with getting started to give

    include everything you think will help.

    Alternatives to things like excel
    marketing tips
    a list of groups local to expand your business

    It might cost you to buy the USB and produce but it's
    worth it's weight in gold if it helps you obtain
    customers cheaper.

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