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Glad That's Over

Discussion in 'Politics & World News' started by Duncan, May 8, 2015.


    BarneyBlue23 Trainee Lab Tech

    Mar 14, 2015
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    *The problem is, of course, that the population would not vote for a government that actually lived within its means.*

    I agree with this Paul - especially in the society we live in today in which way too many people just expect everything to be handed to them on a plate, where they don't want to work because they *earn* too much in benefits to make working not worthwhile. and credit is readily available to those who have no way to pay it back and clear their debt.

    A benefit culture has been bred in Britain over the last 20 years - a not so nice culture of laziness and tardiness, no pride in what you might achieve if you actually got off your arse and wanted to make an effort to , improve your lot in life.

    That isn't all down to any one of our governments although they play a huge part, but also I believe to the involvement of the European governments, where there is too much interference in our day to day lives.

    In terms of the NHS- I don't believe they are under funded, what they are as trusts is badly managed. The same as most councils, run by people who have no clue about running a business. Which MD would say to their staff - dig up that road this week to lay the water pipes, and then when you've filled it back in, plan a date three weeks on to dig it back up and sort the gas pipes upgrade? Oh and after that - in two months out in a new mini roundabout so we don't show we have any cash left at the end of the year. Not one! That isn't government, that's bad management.

    Didn't Thatcher say once in some speech that improvements in our living standards have to be hard earned, in public expenditure and in the running of private industry the coat must match the cloth and that a related fault has been the growing involvement of the government in the economy and peoples lives.

    Who is there to vote for that has any clear conviction of making an actual change that would put their ***** on the line for? That is why Thatcher was so successful in her strategy to get in, and in getting done what she wanted to do. Love her or hate her, nobody has had her conviction or courage since, and I can't think of a single MP who could be compared now either.

    If we were all to try to try to think of somebody who could be elected to make a substantial change, albeit favourite or not - who would it be?

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