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Four amazing tips to trade the volatile market

Discussion in 'Accountancy, Finance & Tax' started by jamesthomas, May 8, 2018.


    jamesthomas Applicant

    May 16, 2017
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    Market volatility can cause a heavy loss for the new traders. The new traders don’t have enough knowledge how to manage their losing trades. Most of the time they take a huge risk and try to maximize their profit by using the market leverage. Before you take such decisions in the retail trading industry, you have to understand the fact, only 5% of the traders are successful in the Forex market. Most of the time, the new traders get wiped out during the high level of market volatility. But the experienced professional manages to make a decent profit by using their skills and trading strategy during extreme market conditions. Some of you might think there is some secret formula but in reality, nothing is secret in the Forex market. Many new traders in the United Kingdom are making tons of money due to their precise knowledge in this industry. If you can learn all the basic elements of trading, everything will become easier for you. Now we will give you four amazing tips which will help you trade volatile market.

    Trade with low leverage
    Forex trading is widely popular due to the easy access of high leverage trading account. But this is one of the key reasons for which the new traders manage to open big position size trade. But if you start trading with a very low leverage you can never open a big size trade. You might think this will limit your profit factors but in reality, it will save your investment. You don’t need to trade with a big lot to secure big profit from this market. There are many professional traders in the United Kingdom making a huge profit even with small lot trading. See their trading style and try to learn from them. But stop trading the market with a high leverage trading account.

    Trade with the reputed broker
    Choosing a reputed broker is very important for your trading career. Always find regulated broker so that you know your funds are in the safe hands while trading CFDs. If you chose a B grade broker you can easily cut down your trading cost but this will eventually make your trading much worse. Without having a premium trading environment it will be almost impossible for you to find the best trades in the market. Some experienced traders often spend hundreds of pounds to get the best possible trading platform. But if you chose to trade with Saxo, you can get access to their professional trading platform SaxoTraderGO without any cost. Most importantly professional brokers will give you the best possible price feed at an extreme level of market volatility.

    Learn price action trading
    Price action trading is one of the best ways to deal with the volatile market. Those who trade the market with the indicator based trading system can never trade the volatile market with the high level of accuracy. But if you focus on the long-term market trend, you will see price action signals gives a very accurate entry point to the traders. But learning the price action trading strategy is not all easy. You have to deal with different Japanese candlestick pattern which is very hard to understand. But once you start using the price action trading system in the demo account, things will become easier for you. But be confident while you trade this market.

    Do the fundamental analysis
    Fundamental analysis is the best way to find the strength of the market trend. If you want to establish your presence in the professional trading network you must know how to do the proper fundamental analysis. If you can truly understand the news release, you can easily make a profit by trading the high impact news. But when you trade the news, be sure to use the technical data of the market. Create a balanced trading system to make a profit from this market during the high level of volatility.

    Whitedesk Freshman

    Apr 25, 2017
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    Analysis of your market comes first. You must be aware also of the trading price.

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