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E-reception improves work efficiency and reduces everyday costs

Discussion in 'Technology, Communications and Gadgets' started by mahmoud_elsaid, Nov 10, 2016.


    mahmoud_elsaid Applicant

    Nov 10, 2016
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    Businesses are facing challenges with efficiency at the front desk / reception – and the stem of the problem is usually very apparent.

    There is an art to successfully welcoming, vetting, registering and directing visitors at your front desk, while concurrently dealing with other tasks and having the necessary down-time throughout the day.

    Managing all of this efficiently and maintaining a well-informed, visitor-friendly front desk environment is no easy mission – but fear not, because there are some simple changes that can be put into action that will massively improve your productivity, communication, appearance and overall efficiency such as Intelligent e-reception system.

    What if there was a way to achieve a professional appearance while saving on resources and improving efficiency?

    VisiPoint committed to improving visitor, contractor, staff and deliveries management and safeguarding standards through the implementation of reliable self-service, self-managed touchscreen e-reception visitor console.

    VisiPoint visitor management system (e-reception) is the clean and intuitive touch screen user platform, combined with secure and multifunctional web-based software designed to self-manage the task of welcoming, informing, vetting and signing-in visitors to your organisation.

    thelegalstop Senior Lab Tech

    Jun 28, 2012
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    London, UK
    That's interesting... Have you had any feedback on how it compares to the standard reception system?

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