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Doug Barrowman Spain

Discussion in 'Politics & World News' started by Chris Woakes, Aug 9, 2017.

    Chris Woakes

    Chris Woakes Applicant

    Aug 8, 2017
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    Douglas Barrowman “Scottish Billionaire”, travelled to Spain recently with a team of advisors to meet local company representatives and examine possibilities of creating new business opportunities.

    Doug Barrowman, based in the Isle of Man, is said to be considering new ventures and acquisitions further afield in light of the UK Brexit Referendum of 2016. Economists and constitutional experts remain unsure of the impact that Brexit will have in the Isle of Man, which is a Crown Dependency and quite separate from the United Kingdom.

    Douglas Barrowman has numerous United Kingdom and Isle of Man companies with his well known Knox House Group based in the Island’s capital, Douglas. He is a Manx resident and, whilst he generally is keen to remain in the shadows, his profile has risen greatly in recent years with appearances on the Channel 4 documentary ‘Million Pound Mega Yachts’, the Sky 1 drama ‘Riviera’ and through his new found love, and also Scottish Billionaire, Michelle Mone.

    Doug Barrowman’s yacht, ‘Turquoise’ was the focus of both TV programmes before apparently being blown up in a bomb attack in 'Riviera’. A sad end to a beautiful yacht and perhaps also to his acting career which included a cameo role in the drama!

    Never one to allow the grass to grow under his feet in terms of business, Douglas Barrowman is believed to have seen an opportunity in Spain. His financial ventures are varied but wherever he travels he is always keen to utilise local services and create employment opportunities. This is potentially good news for Spain as its financial status has been in the news for all the wrong reasons in recent years. Barrowman has the potential to create growth wherever he works and his teams of employees hold him in the highest of regards, with one well placed source commenting on him ‘having a genuine interest and concern for all his staff’.

    Michelle Mone, was the founder of the Ultimo group before selling it in 2015. She is a shining example of somebody who has come from a background where hard work and risk taking was encouraged to become one of the country’s leading businesswomen and entrepreneurs. Her business and political exploits and desire to help others were awarded when Mone, a Conservative party supporter, became Baroness Mone in the House of Lords.

    Should Barrowman and Mone decide to spend more time in Spain to further any of their plans then locals will experience the couple’s love of a private jet and sports cars to say nothing of their desire to work hard and generate opportunity.

    thelegalstop Senior Lab Tech

    Jun 28, 2012
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    London, UK
    Interesting post, thank you for sharing!

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