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Discussion in 'Advertising' started by vivek aryan, Apr 30, 2018.

    vivek aryan

    vivek aryan Freshman

    Feb 24, 2018
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    First of all you should know about the CATIA V5, It is a powerful 3D software which can be
    used to design some of the biggest products the world manufactures: planes, boats, submarines,
    and automobiles. As we entrust our lives to these products, it is paramount that they are designed
    carefully and intelligently. In this course CATIA V5, you will learn to get started with this
    leading CAD package by which you may start creating your own designs. Those candidates who
    want to go in this field and they are searching the institute for joining this course. Techavera
    CATIA V5 training center in Noida offers CATIA V5 course in Noida and it also provides
    advance courses CAD 3D design software, 3D Digital Mock Up and Product Life cycle
    Management solutions(PLM) .

    CATIA V5 course introduces the user to CATIA V5, one of the world& leading parametric solid
    modeling packages. This course emphasizes on the solid modeling techniques that enhance the
    productivity and efficiency of the user.
    This course is structured in a pedagogical sequence, covering the Part, Assembly, Drafting,
    Wireframe & Surfaces and Generative Sheetmetal Design workbenches of CATIA V5. Every
    session provides with detailed explanation of the commands and tools in CATIA V5. This
    approach allows the user to understand and use the tool in an efficient manner.
    Topics Covered-
    Now we are going to tell about the topic, these are the CATIA V5 for Mechanical Designer,
    Next is CATIA V5 for Mechanical Designer, CATIA V5 for Mechanical Surface Designer
    CATIA V5 for Electrical engineer.
    There is a criteria in which candidates can join this course. Any graduate can learn this course.
    Candidates should have the basic knowledge of cad.
    Techavera provides certified CATIA V5 training courses in Noida for the complete range of
    CATIA solutions and modules. Our trainers are well qualified who use CATIA daily within our
    own engineering business. As a result, our training courses have been developed to suit engineers
    based on our own experiences
    Techavera have best CATIA V5 training class facilities available for the learners. We provide
    the course according to the level of the candidates.
    Our CATIA V5 courses are designed according to the learners. Flexibility is key to our approach
    and we will cater to your needs. One-on- one training or group training sessions can be arranged.
    Our experienced Trainers who all have Industry Experience lead the Training sessions and
    include instruction and demonstration of all relevant commands and functionality.
    The exercises are all structured and designed to ensure that the user has to think about how to
    employ functionalities and techniques just taught. Our highly trained CATIA V5 trainer in
    Techavera at Noida Center ensure interactivity plays a major part during the course schedule,
    enabling the attendee to query as they garner information and understanding whole day. Due to
    our experience of the software, we like to go beyond what the standard textbook preaches and
    introduce ideas and concepts that are not available on any other course.

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