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Astra Easy Grind Revolver Bullet Cylinder Spice Herb Grinder

Discussion in 'Sales & Marketing' started by Kate02, Mar 9, 2017.


    Kate02 Applicant

    Mar 9, 2017
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    Leaving guns and bullets lying around the house is a huge no-no. This is especially true if there are children who may get curious and play with them. However, you can make it appear like you have them sitting on your kitchen counter or worktop with an Astra Easy Grind Revolver Bullet Cylinder Spice Herb Grinder.

    The Astra spice herb grinder is designed to look like a real revolver cylinder, complete with six bullets inside and six grooves outside. The cylinder is finished with chrome while the bullet heads and rims are in gold, making it look quite shiny. With a diameter of 1? inches and height of 1¾, it looks like the real thing. Once you get it in your hands, though, you’ll realize it is not because it weighs a mere 126 grams, about the weight of six caliber .44 magnum bullets without the cylinder.

    Made of sturdy metal and 26 sharp pyramid teeth, the grinder shreds spice herbs into small pieces. It consists of three parts. The bottom section, where the faux bullet rims are, has 12 of the teeth, while the middle has 14. When these two are attached together with herbs inside them and twisted, the teeth, passing closely with each other, tear and grind the herbs giving them a fluffy texture. The ground herbs are then transferred to the third section for storage, waiting to be mixed with your food.

    The Astra Easy Grind Revolver Bullet Cylinder Spice Herb Grinder comes with a gift box, making it a perfect gift for your friends who are card-carrying members of the NRA.

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